Chris-Chan Court Case Arc Resumes With Grand Jury Appearance

July 29th, 2022 - 1:25 PM EDT by Brandon Wink

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Chris Chan better call saul courtroom meme.

After seeing previous high-profile court cases such as Depp vs. Heard trial and the Rittenhouse trial, combined with the current popularity of the show Better Call Saul, these viral courtroom events have turned a lot of people online into arm-chair legal scholars.

Despite this, however, there is a lot of confusion regarding the Chris-Chan court case, which has recently gone to the grand jury and once again piqued the interest of the internet at large.

After being locked up for over a year, the trial of Christine Weston Chandler is now progressing with a trip to the grand jury, which has caused many to begin speculating as to what is going on and even some calling the courthouse to get official confirmation.

While there were talks of felony charges, the trial already starting and people purportedly being summoned for court amid the recent speculation, none of these things appear to be what is actually happening at present.

After researching legal court procedures and reading various Kiwi Farms threads on the topic, combined with consulting a Tampa-based lawyer following the story for additional insight, the purpose of the grand jury trial is purportedly more related to the charges brought up against Chris-Chan and not the trial itself.

Similar to how the Johnny Depp trial wasn't so much about if Depp or Heard were actually abusing each other but more on the libel and amount of damages to be awarded, the grand jury trial is the justice department taking all the charges they think they have evidence for to the grand jury, who will then make a determination on what charges are found to have enough evidence for a court trial.

It's technically possible, from a legal standpoint, that the grand jury will decide that a felony charge can be levied against Chris-Chan or that no charges are found to have enough hard evidence to stand the test of a trial. Despite the fan art depicting Chris-Chan in court saying otherwise, Chandler and the defense aren't actually included in the grand jury part of the trial, as it's the state trying to test their evidence and put together the charges they feel are best able to stick.

With the majority of Chris-Chan followers convinced that charges will stick, the anticipation of the court trial is palpable, with many posting about how the previous two mainstream trials will be seen as mere specks compared to the "unhinged insanity" that the Chris-Chan trial would bring if it were allowed to be televised.

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