Internet On Red Alert After Learning Chris-Chan Was Bailed Out Of Prison, Whereabouts Unknown

March 27th, 2023 - 2:48 PM EDT by Brandon Wink

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Chris-Chan out on bond tweet and meme.

The infamous online personality and lolcow Chris-Chan, often called the "most documented person in history," has added a new arc to the ongoing "final saga" regarding the incest allegations from 2021 and last year's trial with their sudden bail out of Virginia prison.


Breaking on platforms like Twitter earlier today, news of the Sonichu creator's bail-out sent alarms through several different corners of the web, with the same shocked sentiment being shared by many due to it reportedly not being a hoax this time — unlike last year's viral but fake escape.


Online, the bailout was perceived by many users as seemingly random due to its suddenness, with it widely believed that it had to be from a mysterious benefactor, as Christine Chandler would've likely bailed themselves out sooner if they could.

This latest development in the viral and ongoing story surrounding the controversial figure has led to a lot of speculation, confusion and memes about Chris-Chan and their newfound freedom.

chris-chan chris-chan chris-chan chris-chan

At this time, it is still uncertain when the trial will finally commence.

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