Kai Cenat Presumably Zooms His Way Into Twitch Ban, Fans Call For Him To Move To Kick

April 18th, 2023 - 12:44 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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kai cenat bike stream on twitch and a tweet about the ban.

Kai Cenat, last in the news for getting what certainly looked like an on-stream HJ on his quest to become the most popular streamer on the platform, has now been banned from Twitch six weeks after achieving his goal. The streamer simply tweeted "BANNED" on Monday evening.

kai cenat banned

As neither Cenat nor Twitch has commented on the reason for his fifth ban from the platform, fans have had to speculate on what caused the banhammer to come down this time.

As of now, the most likely offending clip came when Cenat hopped on a dirt bike indoors and more or less yeeted himself into his streaming setup.

It's likely the incident violated Twitch's policy on "self-destructive behavior," which states, "We also prohibit activity that may endanger your life, lead to your physical harm, or encourage others to engage in physically harmful behavior." There are myriad ways that riding a motorcycle indoors could lead to physical harm.

The ban led some to call for Cenat to go to Kick, a rival streaming service with the most momentum to compete against Twitch (albeit with some controversial figures such as Adin Ross). Such calls even came from the likes of notable figures like Dream.

kick dream

Kick is supposedly looser with its guidelines and reportedly offers creators a much more attractive share of their profits. However, it also has a policy forbidding self-harm, so Cenat would still be unable to crash a motorcycle indoors should he move to the platform.

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