MrBeast Gives 20,000 Children Their First Pair Of Shoes, Sparking Round Two Of 'Charity For Views' Discourse

March 10th, 2023 - 11:37 AM EST by Adam Downer

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If a man gives 20,000 African children shoes and 3 million people (and counting) see it, does it really count as philanthropy?

This is the question social media is debating once again after MrBeast, fresh off becoming the subject of Antichrist comparisons for curing the blind in January, released a new viral video in which he worked with his charities to gift 20,000 African children their first pair of shoes.

As with MrBeast's "1,000 Blind People See for the First Time" video, a debate has emerged on the pureness of MrBeast's motivations, as some commenters have argued that the views, brand recognition and potential ad revenue he would receive from turning his charitable work into a YouTube video sullies whatever good his charity work does.

Others have argued that regardless of MrBeast's motivations, which he's stated are pure, the end result is 20,000 children now have shoes, and that outweighs any benefits MrBeast might receive from making his charity work so public.

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One argument voiced by Jezebel just hours before the "shoes" video controversy began developing contended that MrBeast's "stunt philanthropism" only serves to underline severe economic issues affecting the globe.

The article implies that MrBeast should use his wealth to address economic realities that prevent blind people from getting an available surgery to clear their blindness or African children from getting shoes. The article notably cites a tweet by user @itsmebee9402 to make the point.

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This round of discourse will likely do little to change MrBeast's charitable content, nor create a consensus on whether it's "good" or "bad," portending a grim future where MrBeast keeps doing charity work and people argue about it online forever.

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I don't understand the "these videos generate revenue" argument. Yeah, that's how he got the money to buy the shoes. If you spend 250k on shoes and that video generates 250k in revenue that's used to buy wigs for cancer patients and that generates 250k in revenue that's used to buy prosthetics for amputees…what's the issue here?


in reply to Panuru

There's that one tweet back in the "Curing the Blind" discussion I always came back to :

"The issue isn't MrBeast helping people, it's the fact that they have to rely on being cherry-picked by a millionaire to get a 10-min, life changing procedure done. Having to rely on the charity of rich people to fix society's problems is the issue."


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