Trisha Paytas Quits Frenemies Podcast After Argument With Co-Host Ethan Klein

June 8th, 2021 - 3:19 PM EDT by Phillip Hamilton

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Trisha Paytas crying from their apology video 'stepping down from frenemies' on the left, Ethan Klein dressed as Uncle Fester on the right

Influencer and TikTok star Trisha Paytas, best known for co-hosting the Frenemies podcast with H3H3 Productions' Ethan Klein, has announced they'll be stepping down from the show after 39 episodes following an argument with their co-host at the tail-end of the latest episode.

During the last half of Episode 39 of the Frenemies podcast, posted to YouTube earlier today (and a day earlier to the podcast's members) co-hosts Klein and Paytas begin arguing about the show's employees, the imbalances in the workload behind-the-scenes, and ultimately money, with Trisha expressing anger over wanting "more transparency" and a bigger cut of the profits. They also express frustrations over Klein "running" the show, wanting a bigger part in the behind-the-scenes production. The episode ended early with Paytas leaving in tears.

This afternoon, Paytas posted an emotional video to their YouTube channel crying on the kitchen floor in which they announce that they will be stepping down from the podcast, saying they feel "uncomfortable" with the whole situation and doubling down on wanting a bigger say in the show. Paytas insists the argument "isn't about the money" in the video.

Paytas' departure comes at an awkward time for the podcast, which was gearing up to drop its first set of merchandise, as jokingly tweeted by Klein following the release of Paytas' video. He later released a more serious tweet apologizing to the fans and said he's unsure what to do about the situation.

This isn't the first time Paytas has quit the podcast. Following a fight on the 13th episode of the podcast last December, Paytas made a similar video announcing that they quit the show. The co-hosts were able to work things out, even getting Dr. Drew on the show to help them mediate their relationship. It's also worth noting that Paytas has been very vocal about suffering from BPD as well as other personality disorders, which often contribute to blow-ups like this. In typical Paytas fashion, nobody will likely know whether this departure from the podcast is legitimate or not until next Monday's episode either arrives or doesn't.

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