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Everyone is offended by "everything". History 101.

Not too long ago, It was normal to get offended at the idea of the gays getting married. Not to mention getting offended at literally just the fact that they existed at all (let alone the rest of the GBT+ spectrum). This shit isn't new, and probably not as bad either considering the ways people addressed it way back when.

I assume someone posted this in assumption that people don't like certain jokes because they find them "offensive", which is a belief I'm really getting tired of.


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It's the same attitude that establishes "u mad" and "butthurt" as the ultimate trump cards in internet arguments: caring is for losers, and if you become personally invested in politics you're part of the problem. Uncritical, detached acceptance of the status quo is the only morally upright posture, and those who draw a distinction between is and ought are all smug bullies, outlandish freaks, and/or closed-minded zealots.
It's a show that teaches its audience to become lazy and self-satisfied, that praises them for being uncritically accepting of their own biases, and that provides them with an endless buffet of thought-terminating cliches suitable for shutting down all manner of challenges to their comfort zones.
South Park is a place where you never have to have your assumptions challenged. It's a place where you're always right, you shouldn't bother to think, and the people asking you to change your mind are annoying busybodies and prigs who should just shut up and leave you alone.
South Park is, if you'll excuse the expression…a "safe space.""


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