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Created By Philipp • Updated 2 years ago

Anonymous 09/16/21(Thu)05:24:23 No.156367010 64 KB JPG >>156364491 (OP) # >2011 >Watched Drive like once >try to act like the driver >no money for jacket >my lobster sweatshirt will suffice >wear it backwards so it matches the scorpion on the back >get invited to party by some acquaintances >this is my time to shine >girl stand next to me >she tries to make small talk >"So what do you do for fun?" >I wait three seconds >"I drive" >Really? You think you can take me home? My friend is being a bitch." >Panic I biked here >"alright" >randomly grab a pair of keys in the bowl near the entrance >we're in the car >I turn it on, put it in reverse >accidentally slam on the pedal >we jut forward, turns out it was drive >we slam into the garage door >her head slams into the dashboard shes bleeding and silent >people come pouring out of the house >"What the f---?!" >I stay still like Ryan Gosling at the end of the movie >"I think Anon and Jenna are dead! Lets call the ambulance" >Wait til there is only a couple people out watching for emergency vehicles >unbuckle myself, run, and hop on my bike and drive away >Real human bean
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