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You’re still an emo teen if you haven’t made peace with yourself. age doesn’t determine what an actual adult is, it’s maturity.

maturity doesn’t mean you can’t watch kid’s cartoons, it means you can ENJOY watching kid’s cartoons with no shame. It’s recognizing that sometimes, you shouldn’t give a fuck about what people think about your taste in cartoons or whatever else. Sometimes, you SHOULD give a fuck, but maturity is making those decisions and deciding on your own, rather then letting people dictate what you should and should not like. If you're gonna hate a cartoon, do so because it has bad writing, although hate is a strong word for that.

people who avoid cartoons because “those are kid things!” haven’t matured past the phase where you want to be an adult, so you get into “adult” things like Nietzsche, without realizing that the point behind Nietzsche’s writings wasn’t that the world is pointless, but BECAUSE that the world is a pointless, cruel place, doesn’t mean you should make it worse, you should make it better. Getting worked up about it just doesn’t help most of the time.

Although Nietzsche was more about self-betterment, rather then doing that AND trying to help others.
Whatever, anyway, Adulthood is maturity, and people seldom get what that really is. some people stay kids past 21 with all the problems that entails.


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