Argentina is white

Argentina is white

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Per Wikipedia: In Argentina an extensive racist ideology has been built on the notion of European supremacy.[26] This ideology forwards the idea that Argentina is a country populated by European immigrants “bajados de los barcos” (straight off the boat), frequently referred to as “our grandfathers”, who founded a special type of “white” and European society that is not Latin-American.

It is a fact that 110% of Argentinians proudly claim to be of pure Italian and perhaps Spanish heritage, with no Amerindian mixture. Upon evidence that the population is, like all other Latin American populations, mestizo, and that this is nothing to be ashamed of, Argentinians will loudly proclaim “ARGENTINA IS WHITE” and will instead blame their purportedly less white neighbors (Chile, Brazil, Bolivia).

Moreover, Argentines consistently label Argentina as the “Europe” of South America, and call themselves individually “European,” despite white people in countries like the U.S. or Canada calling themselves Americans or Canadians.


“Argentina is white” comes from the /int/ernational board of 4chan, a notably inflammatory board where people from cultures all around the world can come together to argue over who’s the whitest, and who qualifies as white at all. Though officially meant for the discussion of foreign cultures, /int/ is really for closet racists to bitch about the supposed horrors of racial mixing, while guiltily fapping to Asian porn.

While the exact date of when “Argentina is white” and similar participatory trolling first began on /int/ is unknown, it can be traced back to threads throughout the history of /int/ in which Argentinians proudly proclaim their superiority to other Latin Americans by order of their whiteness.

Properly Trolling the Argies

Argentines are known to be the easiest trolls on /int/, just ahead of the French. The best, most tested routes of enraging Argentinians include posting:
-Argentina is not white or
-Islas Malvinas are the Falkland Islands
-Chile is richer and whiter than Argentina
-Bolivians are the new Argentinians
-Anything degrading Che and his poser followers

Interest in Argentina is White

The incessant buttrage of Argies on /int/ has given Argentina a special reputation as racist and uneducated, propagating a series of threads daily making various claims to the Falkland Islands or other territories/rights lost to Argentinians, but threads, catchphrases, and image macros regarding the self-proclaimed “whiteness” of Argentinians are by far the most popular. Aside from Polandball, this is perhaps the most widely known, understood, and image macro’d of the memes on /int/.

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Um, hey idiot, numbers speak for themselves:

86.4% European
8.5% Mestizo
3.3% Arab
1.6% Amerindian
0.4% Asian and others

So, do you still think we have the same mestizo population like the other Latin American countries?
And, this comment is not intended to be racist, just shut the fuck up this idiot entry.


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