Mehmet My Son

Mehmet My Son

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butifel melike iaour girl


"Mehmet, My Son" is a series of comics featuring a Turkish father asking his son to choose a fiancée in order to start a family. The original strip was consequently parodied with different nationalities and cultures.


The original comic was first posted by a Bulgarian user on 4chan's international board /int/ on September 11, 2014,[1] in order to mock Turkish /int/ shitposters. The comic features a Turkish father asking his son Mehmet if he would choose a Turkish or a Balkan woman to marry, after which Mehmet chooses the Balkan. It concludes with a fabricated screencap of a Turk arguing that Balkans are gypsies and therefore less white than Turks.

mehmet yuo are men now my son yu must choose wife and have chrilden will you pick butifel melike or giaour girl i have brought from balkanlar present day Anonymous but yeah turks are pretty much whiter than u gypsy balkanshits will ever be

The original poster later elaborated on the pattern of shitposting that had prompted the creation of the comic.

Anonymous Thu 11 Sep 2014 16:12:38 No.30131860 雪Report Quoted By: >>30132156 >>30132202 >>30127160 I don't understand this You're saying that the ancestors of the Turks were brown They f----- Nordic people And today the Turks are not brown? Why shoud Tuks cethe ancestors were brown? Anonymous Thu 11 Sep 2014 16:18:03 No.30132156 ■ Quoted By: >>30132211 >>30132243>>30132388 >>30132516 Report >>30131860 not nordics balkan slavs i made it for the turks that shitpost on /int/ about balkan people yet forget the only reason the turks in the balkans and in northwestern turkey have light features is because of mixing with balkan people Anonymous Thu 11 Sep 2014 16:19:04 No.30132211 ■ Report >>30132156 shitpost about balkan people being gypsies, to be more accurate


During the following months, the comics inspired several parodies based on different countries, along with the use of the faces from the original comic as exploitables.[2][3] One of the most popular versions include an Indian father asking his son where he would prefer to defecate, in reference to the catchphrase "Designated Shitting Streets" used in /pol/ to mock Indian users (shown bellow, left). On August 27th, 2015, FunnyJunk user inquisition posted a compilation of the comics, gaining over 1,100 likes during the following months.[4] On September 11th, 2015, YouTuber autistic af posted a video version of the comic, gaining over 1,100 views in the following months.

your stomach hurt now pajeet my son yu must chose were to relase Beautiful and clean toilet designated s------- street present day LJ Anonymous-07/24/15(Fri)17.04:10 No.451496 18 2245149738 245149360 India has a space program you dumb bitch m------------. We will be a superpower by the year 2030 and we well f--- you up good.

Various Examples

Patricia ur a womyn now my daughter you must choose a path in lyf BURGER KING will u b a lovin housewife for the only guy who has shown interest in u? or be a strong independent womyn with a valuable college degree? my feet hurt int Get your education on S STUDIES BURGER KING SIZE elsa my precious daughter you are independent cis- woman noW it's time for you to express your sexuality in a healthy and free way Will you marry sensitive and hard-working Sven Or enrich our evil and oppressive society present day Sweden: The Swedish flag was banned at elementary school by the principal Gilla artikeln: Like 2.004 people lke this. Be the frst of your friends. Publicerad: 25-12-2014 14:50 江: We got a trillion dollars in oil revenue Hugo Rafael Mi presidente Is time to invest You decide Toilet paper and staple food Or Sukhoi planes we wont be able to maintain for more than 5 years APRIL 5, 2015 9:07AM Venezuela Reaches the Final Stage of Socialism: No Toilet Paper So er giorgio sei uomo now mio figlio yu must choose wife and have bambini Forza or live with mamma for the rest of yuor life will you pick butifel alessandra For2a Az2ori present day Anonymous &I Italy does not have a problem with its birth rate. That's just a myth made up by shitposters wilhelm yuo are kaiser now my son yu must choose country and declare war will you pick dengerus france or russian colossus from east Tyrone You's a real man now Me Grandson You are the first one of your family to ever finish Highschool Will you go to college and make something of yous self Or will you's be like your fatha and 3 brothers? ARE SNTSHER BREAKING NEWS LIVE CNN ersonINNOCENT YOUTH SHOT DOWN BY POLICE Are cops in the US Racists? Find out on our opinion polls Mother of Innocent youth says "He was a Gooaboo dindunuffin wabbadabbado". Local priest said "He just turned his life around, was going to church every sunday"... More s--- at

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