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Alberto Barbosa is a name commonly used to represent a nondescript man from Portugal among users on 4chan's /int/ (international) board. The phrase "t. Alberto Barbosa" is often placed alongside a photoshopped illustration of an African man from the Age of Empires II expansion The African Kingdoms with a Portuguese flag on his turban, mocking the inclusion of Portugal in the game. Additionally, the character is often referenced in the context of We Wuz Kings jokes on the image board.


On November 5th, 2015, The African Kingdoms expansion for the real-time strategy game Age of Empires II was released. On 4chan, many users on the /int/ board criticized the expansion for including the country Portugal and began posting the illustration of an African man from the game's cover art wearing a turban with the Portuguese flag photoshopped on the front along with the phrase "t. Alberto Barbosa" (shown below). The abbreviation "t." represents the parting phrase "regards."


On December 14th, an anonymous 4chan user submitted an Alberto Barbosa thread to /int/,[4] to which other users spammed the phrase "t. Alberto Barbosa" in comment replies (shown below).

4chan thread about Alberto Barbosa in which many anonymous users signed off as t. Alberto Barbosa

On December 15th, Redditor /pol/ack submitted a screenshot of a 4chan post complaining about the "t. Alberto Barbosa" meme to /r/4chan[1] (shown below).

redditor complaining about the t. Alberto Barbosa meme to r/4chan/

The following day, the /r/albertobarbosa[3] subreddit was launched for discussions about the in-joke. On December 19th, Redditor cammyfawkes submitted a post asking about the meme to the /r/albertobarbosa,[2] to which Redditor smretsnikov cited its origins on /int/. On December 29th, 2015, YouTuber Incognito Walröss submitted a video featuring the African king illustration with a man espousing the Black Egyptian Hypothesis in the background (shown below).

My Husband Named Our Son Alberto Barbosa Reddit Story

On August 27th, 2017, Redditor /u/ashamedofmyhusband posted to the /r/offmychest subreddit.[5] The caption of the post read, "My husband secretly named our son after a meme and I hate him for it," and it gathered over 600 upvotes in five years (seen below).

My husband secretly named our son after a meme and I hate him for it (self.offmychest) 636 submitted 5 years ago by ashamedofmyhusband I have been with my husband since we were in college (a little over a decade altogether) and in that time I've never question his honesty/loyalty to me or our relationship. So when he insisted on naming our son "Alberto" after a man who saved him from drowning when he was a kid, I thought it a little strange but nonetheless went with it. My last name (which he took) is Barbosa, owing to my Portugese heritage. I've since found out that "Alberto Barbosa" is a kind of "meme name" on the internet sites he frequents. I found out after discovering a folder called "Alberto Barbosa" on his work laptop, filled with what seemed like hundreds of pictures of an African man with a kind of Portuguese themed turban. Reverse image searching one of these bizare images is how I found out the name's true meaning. Since this discovery, I feel increasingly paranoid that the only reason he ever took my name in the first place was because of this stupid meme. We only got married early last year, after/around the time this meme seems to have been created. Before this I had always assumed I would just take his name, until he said he wanted to take mine (an act I was actually touched by and found very sweet, ugh...) This entire ordeal has me so mad. On the one hand it's just a name, but on the other he went behind my back to name our first born son over a stupid bloody internet meme. What's worse is that he refuses to have our son's name changed and insists it's just a coincidence, which is a load of b------- considering the amount of images he had saved of this. He refuses to acknowledge this as a serious problem and I am so furious with him, but ultimately feel powerless given he provides for me and our newborn. Sorry for rambling on a bit, I just needed to get this ridiculous and infuriating issue off my chest as I'm too ashamed to tell my friends and family of his actions.

On December 26th, 2022, a screenshot of the post was uploaded to the Twitter page "the parody reddit," @GoodReddit,[6] where it gathered over 50,000 likes in a day.

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