Sopa de Macaco / Uma Delicia meme on a Brazilian Flag.

Sopa de Macaco / Uma Delicia

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"Sopa de Macaco, Uma Delicia" (translated to "Monkey Soup, A Delicacy") is a Portuguese expression associated with a Facebook post by Brazilian resident Bettynho Zigindum, in which he is shown eating monkey soup. In early 2017, 4chan users began using the phrase "uma delicia" to mock Brazilians on the /int/ board, in a similar vein to "Designated Shitting Streets" and Alberto Barbosa.


On an unknown date, Brazilian Facebook user Bettynho Zigindum posted an image album to his personal account, which has since been removed. In the post, he mentions that his mother-in-law prepared him monkey soup and proceeds to display several pictures where a monkey is shown skinless and torn to pieces before being cooked into a soup. The earliest archived picture of the album comes from the Brazilian comedy aggregator site Arreganho, posted on March 30th, 2016 (seen below).[1]

Bettynho Zirigdum adicionou 3 novas fotos com Dudu Zirigdun e outras 2 pessoas. Ontem às 15:06. felipe minha sogra fez aqui também sopa de macaco uma delícia ARREGANHO


The earliest posting of the image on 4chan comes from an /int/ post on April 28th, 2016.[2] However, the image didn't gain traction until January of the following year, when it started being posted on /int/ once again.[3] On January 14th, an /int/ user posted the picture along with the phrase "sopa de macaco uma delicia,"[4] which would be posted on several Latino hub threads during the following months (seen below).[5]

View Same Google lmgOps iqdb SauceNA。山1461875750790.jpg. 109KiB. 600x842 Anonymous Sat 14 Jan 2017 21:40:51 No.69923768 l Report 69923344 sopa de macaco uma delicia

On May 6th, 2017, a Brazilian anonymous user posted a thread on /int/ ensuring that monkey soup isn't a regular dish in Brazil's cuisine, which several users then replied to with the catchphrase and various image edits.[6] The same day, two extra threads about the monkey soup were made, one of them featuring MS Paint versions of the original picture (shown below).[7][8]

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