Dubs Guy / “Check ’Em”

Dubs Guy / “Check ’Em”

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Dubs Guy, or Doubles Guy, is a 4chan GET metameme that consists of a picture of Christian Bale pointing to the area where the user’s post number shows up; signifying that the user has attempted to get a post ending in double-digits. As a metamememe, Dubs Guy is a meme that comments on the 4chan-specific meme of declaring a Dubs Get, commonly combined with the catchphrase “Check ’Em”.


The image still came from the 2000 movie American Psycho, before Patrick Bateman (portrayed by Christian Bale) murders his business rival Paul Allen (Jared Leto) after a lengthy commentary on Huey Lewis and the News.


4chan has long had a history of users attempting to predict the outcome of their post number. It’s usually impressive or just exciting to see someone have enough dumb luck to be able to do such a thing accurately. The phenomena of predicting one’s post number gradually formed into what we now know as a “Get”. Although a number of image macros have been designed to compliment a “GET” no singular image ever became the primary image associated with them until Doubles Guy.

Doubles Guy’s presence implies the idea that it is very cool to accurately predict the outcome of your post number. Because a post ending in a repeated double-digit occurs every 11th post, a Doubles Get is actually somewhat unremarkable; especially when compared with true milestone gets such as 3333333 GET on /b/ or 4040404 GET on /a/.

This show of attention for a mundane double digit Get was so effective at angering and annoying some users that 4chan began hiding the last three digits of each post with XXX.


Claiming a Doubles GET is effective in 1 out of 11 tries. This level of mundaneity, often angers other users because of how it dilutes the perceived value of rare GETS. Adding Doubles Guy to the event “adds insult to injury” so to speak.

Calling a doubles Get on a separate post through the modified versions of the original screen shot with Bale’s hand pointing in other directions is a key mutation that has aided in the meme’s persistence. Although the declaration of a Doubles GET is commonplace, the variations on the image help keep the end-user interested.

Trolls will often times use Doubles Guy without hoping for any Get and not caring if it happens or not. If the doubles is not Gotten, they will continue posting in the thread until they do get a Get. If the doubles is gotten, all they can hope for is that is took several tries. Either way, someone is bound to feed the troll by raging about samefaggotry (multiple posts by the same user).

  • A continuation of efforts to get doubles is sometimes followed through in threads started with Doubles Guy in order to keep up the win until a combo breaker decides to ruin the fun.


Many long-time 4chan browsers are still reluctant to accept any new memes for what they are, believing them to be “forced” or “cancer” from newfags(new-comers to the website). Doubles Guy happens to be one of these newer memes. Time and time again, oldfags have tried do away with Doubles Guy.

Despite any attempts to erase Doubles Guy from the long list of memes that have risen out of 4chan, it looks like he is here to stay. Doubles Guy continues to grow and broaden in variations on 4chan and any other Anonymous image boards.


On February 10th, Doubles Guy’s visibility became more pronounced in the form of a controversial epic thread, denouncing the Doubles Guy meme itself.

Excerpt from thread #195977777 saved on 4chanarchive.org (18+ NSFW)

If this post ends in 7, Doubles Guy is no longer a meme.

Although, the thread turned out to be a quadruple GET, and more than sufficient for fulfilling the single 7 requirement, the declarative nature of GETS were challenged, and mostly disregarded.

Since then, Doubles Guy has been spotted on Facebook, in the Garry’s Mod wiki, in ASCII form on Codeismylife.com, and in the Shit Tier on Memegenerator.

Search Trend

According to Google Insights, searches for “Doubles Guy” began to appear in significant volume beginning in January of 2010. Searches peaked overall during the week of February 21-27th and have shown a resistance to settling into equilibrium; showing many rises and falls. This peak coincides with both the 200M GET (Ninetails) and the decision to censor the last three digits of posts on /b/.

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