Team Siren

Team Siren

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Team Siren is the name of a former. “supposedly” first all-women pro League of Legends team, who created a minor controversy and circlejerk among the League of Legends community, creating several minor memes, such as; Losing is not an option, I’m a Siren and Baited and Outsmarted

Team Siren Promo video


The once Team Siren, were a League of Legends “pro” (Silver League) team, that consisted of:

A Little Jenny (Mid)
Christina (AD Carry)
ilysuiteheart (Jungle)
Solvanas (Support)
Yoonie (Top)

Already on the day Team Siren’s promo video was released (30th of May 2013)[1], it was posted to Reddit’s /r/cringe sub-reddit[2], and then quickly reposted to the /r/leagueoflegends sub-reddit, the video was frowned upon by a large majority of the Reddit community, mainly for trying to pave their way into competetive play by using their gender, and for scoreing very low on the League of Legends promotion scene. Unfortunately, instead of just being left alone, Redditors spread the message, and Team Siren were quickly known by a huge majority of the League of Legends players, starting a gigantic circlejerk, many huge League of Legends youtubers made Parody videos of them or their Promotion video, and they were even featuerd in some of the Pro players’ vlogs.

On the 19th of June 2013, Team Siren offically disbaned, after dealing with bullying within the team.[3]

RIP in peace Team Siren.

Notable Developments

“Losing is not an option!”

“Losing is not an option!” or “X is not an option!” is a quote by Yoonie (Top laner) it was quickly put up by the circeljerking /r/leagueoflegends the quote is from the Team Siren promo video

“I’m a siren”

“I’m a Siren” is the core quotes in the Team Siren promo video, after looking up after looking into the ground, each of the Siren’s says “I’m a Siren” the quote was also quickly picked up by circlejerking /r/leagueoflegends, and were used to reference to Team Siren.

“Baited and Outsmarted”

“Baited and Outsmarted” is a quote by Solvanas during the Team Siren promo video, after she says the sentence, a scene appears of her making a move in Chess, it was heavily frowned upon, mainly because it was a silly attempt to make her look smart, fameous streamers use the sentence to indicate that they’ve done really bad or really good by tricking an opponent, the phrase soon after the disbanding of Team Siren, were picked up by fameous streamer PhantomL0rd.[4]

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