Shamefur Dispray

Shamefur Dispray

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Shamefur Dispray is a catchphrase originating for the 2011 strategy videogame Total War: Shogun 2.

It is a mangled Engrish way of saying “Shameful Display” used to hilariously insult another player’s poor tactics in the game.


The phrase “shameful display” is said by your virtual advisor in the game Shogun 2 Total War whenever any one of your units routs. The full phrase being “Our men are running from the battlefield! Shameful display!”

Since the probability of at least one unit routing every battle was extremely high, players were very likely to hear this phrase at least once every battle and the announcer’s heavy Japanese accent was found to be hilarious.

That phrase as well as the rest of the game was voiced completely by Japanese voice actors speaking English in a Japanese accent as well as their native Japanese which leant the game a very humorous “Engrishy” feel.

The most likely origin point for this phrase is most likely the /v/ forums of 4chan. While the demo of the game was released in February 22nd of 2011 and youtube videos and threads were started discussing the phrase, it stayed as “shameful display” or sometimes “shameful dispray” but the first instance of the full “shamefur dispray” was on March 16th of 2011 on /v/ when a user commenting in a Shogun 2 general thread mocked the difficulty that the original poster was having in playing the game.[1]


“Shamefur Dispray” and other Engrish phrases were then used frequently in discussions of the game throughout 4chan and to other Total War dedicated sites and communities such as Total War Center [2] and youtube comments on Shogun 2 videos. The steam group for the /v/ shogun clan is also called “Shamefur Dispray (Brogun)” [3]

Variants and Additional Phrases

Shamefur Dispray! Commit Sudoku! An intentional mistake of replacing the Japanese “Seppuku” ritual suicide with the Japanese logic puzzle “Sudoku” for a humorous effect.

OUL GENHALAL IS IN GRHAVE DANGA! Another common phrase in the game that is said whenever the general of the army is in active combat. Since the general unit is often used in the crucial moments of the battle, this phrase is most likely to be heard at least once per battle.

Grorious dispray! A counterpart to Shamefur Dispray, it is used as a compliment rather than an insult.

[1]4chanarchive – Shogun 2 General

[2]Total War Center forums – The Moment I forgot all the flaws

[3]Steam Community – Shamefur Dispray

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