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YoutubePoop refeers to randomly edited youtube videos have been titled as YTP.
The YouTube Poop News Faq defines YouTube Poop like this:

The current working definition is a video that has been made with appropriated footage and collage editing techniques to for the purpose of either annoying or entertaining viewers in the increasingly indifferent world of YouTube.

There is no hard and fast definition of YouTube Poop, and the argument over what is or isn’t poop has been a source of drama in the community. Recently, a more tolerant view has become the “official” stance of YouChew Poop.

Update: The following was sent to us by Joe Mitchell

Although it didn’t use the term YouTube Poop in the title, the video “I’D SAY HE’S HOT ON OUR TAIL” by YouTube user SuperYoshi is widely recognised as the first YouTube Poop. The video was made on December 22 2004, from called “Recycled Koopa”, an episode of the Super Mario Bros 3 cartoon. The poop was originally posted to Sheezyart under the title “Super Mario Bros 3 REMIXED!!!”, and apparently people loved it. On November 27 2006, SuperYoshi uploaded the poop to YouTube with the “I’D SAY HE’S HOT ON OUR TAIL” title, with a few minor changes.

This is confirmed by Chewiki and

Many YouTube Poopers create unique poops simply for their own sake, although fads occur within the community, and tend to proliferate after the more popular and influential Poopers take part in the fad.

Influential Poopers

Within the YTP community, there are those Poopers who create works that either start trends, or whose participation within a trend boosts the meme’s exposure. The following is a brief list of such Poopers.


There are a number of techniques commonly employed by YouTube Poopers, called Poopisms. These do not refer to what the source material is, but rather, how it has been manipulated. Some examples of Poopisms are:

  • Ear Rape: Volume is maxed out and distorted. The intention is generally to annoy.
  • Stutter Loop: A short piece of video is looped in order to call attention or emphasize something.
  • Word Trim/sentence mix: Words are cut and rearranged, often to create profanity.
  • YTPMV (Classic): A sample is sequenced to an audio track to vaguely simulate something like “singing.”
  • YTPMV: Notes in source materials are pitch shifted to create a song.

A more comprehensive list of YouTube Poopisms can be found on the Chewiki.

YTP Examples

From May 2009 onward, YouTube Poop even had its own news show, hosted by Stuart K Reilly. He has taken a few breaks from the show for several reasons, including losing the original account’s password. He then hosted the show on YouTube account MustangSally72 until both the inaccessible YTPNews1 and MustangSally72 were suspended due to false DMCA claims. A new account was created with the help of the people on IAMGOOMBA, with much of the content of the previous channels backed up. This account, named YTPN1, is where the show was briefly hosted, until the account MustangSally72 was recovered during a live audio broadcast over YouChew. The show has also briefly been hosted by a few of his Skype contacts when Stuart was about to attend college, which eventually did not happen. The show might be hosted by these people again in the future.

The YouTube account MustangSally72 is now available for viewing, along with many of its YTP News videos.

YTPMV Soccer

A YTPMV Soccer is a battle between two or more people attempting to make the best YTPMVs possible. Opponents decide who will go first and how many rounds are going to be in the game. After a YTPMV is posted, then the next opponent has to use the same video source or song to make the next YTPMV. This process repeats. Normally people put their rounds as responses to the previous round’s video to tell people when the next round is supposed to be started.

A match between ilovemadnesscombat and thatdutchlad

The music in both videos was made by Alexander Brandon, but different songs and video sources were used. Round 6 will have to contain the same video source as round 5 (in this case Team America), the song will be a free choice. This does not necessarily have to be done this way, for in other matches there have been three consecutive rounds before featuring background music from the same game or by the same person, with different sources each time. However, keeping the previously mentioned flow will generally keep the match from becoming monotonous.

YTP Tennis

YTP Tennis is similar to YTPMV Soccer, but has less rules, uses more Poopisms and basically consists out of making a poop out of the previous round. Depending on the kind of tennis, adding sources to the next round may or may not be allowed. The match below is Mycroprocessor versus quax94 in multiplied time tennis. The first round is one second long and every next round consists of exclusively the previous round, and has to be twice the previous round’s length.

External References

[1]You Chew Poop – Forum

[2]You Chew Poop – Chewiki

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The Brony Savant
The Brony Savant

Not a single mention of Dr. Rabbit and the hiatus between WalrusGuy and Colgate? “The chocolate salty balls of doctor rabbit” was one of the greatest YTPs of all time, as far as clean and well-done sentence splicing goes.

I remember the day I learned that WalrusGuy’s channel was taken down by Colgate.


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