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The Vagineer is a GMOD character derived from the Team Fortress 2 Engineer class. Abusing the GMOD faceposer tool allows the Engineer’s facial muscles to be distorted into resembling a human vagina. Unique attributes of the Vagineer include reversed speech, a tendency to growl, the ability to fire and regrow limbs, the ability to spit acid, and a general terrifying nature. In the YouTube GMOD community, Vagineer frequently harasses other TF2 characters, or is the brunt of surreal jokes concerning his unnatural nature. The Vagineer model was attributed to YouTube user mssnor as a personal avatar in several videos.


On December 31st 2008 YouTube user J16fox uploaded a video of the proto-Vagineer. The video demonstrated an Engineer with partially deformed facial muscles suffering some sort of spasm attack. The word “Vagineer” only came in to popular use months later in April 2009 when YouTube user Bluebajs uploaded his own video featuring the Vagineer for a brief moment. Later, J16fox’s reputation as creator was cemented with his “That Dog’s a Spah” video

Later, mssnor and another YouTube user BenderakaUnder adopted the Vagineer and through video, demonstrated his unique abilities.


Since its creation in 2008, the Vagineer has seen a general rise in YouTube appearances.


The Snyphurr

On the 11th of April 2010, YouTube user CloverNoodle created a reliable and well known ally, Snyphurr. Resembling a giant levitating torso of the Sniper, he is summoned through a call of Vagineer’s bugle, appearing as the “buff banner” (a power-up item used during the real game).

Like Vagineer, Snyphurr can also speak backwards, despite having no mouth. Upon command, Snyphurr has the ability to petrify enemies by emerging his head from his body, releasing a deafening scream. The victim’s reaction is often delayed by a matter of seconds before they are completely turned into stone, followed by a death cry. Snyphurr’s theme is “Majora’s Incarnate Battle” from the Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.


The Vagineer meme exists almost entirely through the medium of user created GMOD videos on YouTube. Anywhere in between 1-5 Vagineer related videos are uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis, the most popular (as of 3 Sept 2010) being “Don’t Feed Vagineer” having over hundreds of thousands of views. In his videos, Vagineer will most commonly be heard saying his catchphrases; “Haimamoo”, “Gottam”, “Malach”, “Wuuuub”, and “Hurr”. Most of what Vagineer says are reversed sound clips from the TF2 Engineer repertoire, but others such as “Gottam” and “Hurr” are simply snippets of regular voice clips. The meaning of these words varies from videos to video.

The top 5 Vagineer video clips in order of Views:

(RE-UPLOADED DUE TO ORIGINAL TAKEN DOWN) Vagineer’s feeders realize their mistake too late:

Here we see a Vagineer mating ritual:

Vagineers are often aggresive:

Demoman is hiding a Vagineer:

One of the earliest Vagineer faces:

Other videos of note:

(RE-UPLOADED DUE TO ORIGINAL TAKEN DOWN) This time, feeding the Vagineer leads to a catastrophic event in the BLU base:

Upon having his dispenser sapped, Vagineer retaliates:

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