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20 Puns And Dad Jokes So Bad They're Good

We've all heard our fair share of puns. Probably far too many of them. Probably many of the same ones over and over. Puns are the kinds of jokes that go hand in hand with dad jokes. They're simple and silly and way overused. Despite this, though, they still manage to get a laugh or two out of most people. They aren't the most expertly crafted jokes out there, but nonetheless they're wholesome, clean, and easy to annoy your friends with.

You know that satisfying groan from your friends when you come up with a perfectly terrible pun on the spot. It's one of the best feelings out there. Reddit's subreddits /r/dadjokes and /r/puns are home to the best of the worst puns and jokes out there. They're so bad and so silly that they're so good. Enjoy these 20 silly jokes that will be sure to lighten up your day even just a little bit.



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Nice One

This is Michael. Michael gave me a lime. It had his number,Then proceeded to say "It's a pickup lime" #Getyouamichael

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Past Tense

what can make a man run away like this ???? Maik Kho Jai @mikegbaines It's not run, it's ran. Because it's past tents. Posted in r/clevercomebacks reddit

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Not A Foldable Table

Oh, how the tables have turned MA 4R0 P

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Geography Pun

ممسرح madagascar gladagascar sadagascar outtagascar

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Get Well Soon

"Are muslims allowed to eat that?" "Sir, I'm sikh" "Oh man, get well soon"

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Stair Wars

STATION It's over mannequin. I have the high ground!

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Mask up

Why are you wearing a surgical mask? Pas I'm not, it's a coughy filter НТЯОИ ЗИЯ 300IDRO 30/ PunHubOnline

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They Are Now

The steaks have never been so high NYANGA M22 Borcherds Quarry Rd

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Fair Enough

Bike still for sale? 8:45 AM Yes it is. 9:24 AM What's the lowest you'll go on it? 9:59 AM 2 mph. Anything less than that and you'll tip over. 10:03 AM

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Operation Pothole

Bill Murray @Bill Murray We should legalize cannabis in all 50 states, use the taxes to repair roads & highways & call it operation pothole.

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A Real Monster

Nick Torretta @elastic_music www Son: "I can't sleep, I think the bougie man's under the bed" Me: "don't you mean the boogeyman?" Voice from under the bed: "wow the thread count on these sheets is PATHETIC"

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Good Puns Wasted

✓ Hi Dina Jan 19, 2015, 2:35 PM Jan 19, 2015, 3:10 PM Hey Dina, do you like hang gliding? Never tried it before but sure why I would love to see a Dina soar Is that supposed to be funny? I thought it was Dina mite

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00 We split up mate 11:49 am How is Ruth? 11:46 am W OFF Oh no. So you're ruthless? How long have you been waiting to crack that one? 11:54 am 249 11:53 am ✔ I'd rather not say 11:58 am ✔

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Get It

Dad: Three men are on a boat. They have four cigarettes, but nothing to light them with. Family. Ok so? Dad:So they throw a cigarette overboard and the whole boat becomes a cigarette lighter. made with mematic

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Alright no need to brag ENG lona LAKE Gold Coast 2018 75

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Not At All

Not a huge fan

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John Becicka @JohnBecicka Dude 1: Hey, bro? Dude 2: yeah bro? Dude 1: Can you pass me that pamphlet? Dude 2: Brochure 4:01 PM 6/20/19 Twitter for iPhone 27K Retweets 105K Likes

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It's Not Nice

Therapist: Why don't you like classical music? Me: They make me feel small and insecure Therapist: How so? you___ ritard. die # PP (very soft) mf

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