I Forgor slang meme expression depicting a puzzled person sitting on a question mark.

I Forgor πŸ’€

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I Forgor, usually followed by πŸ’€, is a Skamtebord version of "I forgot." Spawned by a viral tweet in February 2021, the phrase is used as a humorous response and in shitposting. In June 2021, the words saw massive use on Instagram after a popular meme page posted memes containing the phrase. Phrase I Rember πŸ˜ƒ, spawned by a viral meme, is used as a direct antonym to I Forgor πŸ’€.


On February 5th, 2021, Twitter[1] user @ItsNotSeabass tagged Wallmart's Twitter account, writing, "Hey @Walmart I have a question." After the @walmarthelp Twitter account replied, "How can we be of assistance?", @ItsNotSeabass responded,[2] "I forgor πŸ’€," likely mistyping "I forgot" due to R and T being next to each other on a standard QWERTY keyboard. The tweet (shown below) received over 750 retweets and 2,200 likes in five months.

ItsNotSeabass @ltsNotSeabass Β· Feb 5 Hey @Walmart I have a question 5 27 22 432 Walmart Help @walmarthelp Feb 5 ... Hi there! How can we be of assistance? 3 27 10 289 ItsNotSeabass ... @ltsNotSeabass Replying to @walmarthelp I forgor 10:28 AM Β· Feb 5, 2021 Β· Twitter for Android


In the following days, a screenshot of the exchange received viral spread online. For example, on February 7th, 2021, Instagram[3] page someweebwatchingcartoons posted the screenshot, with the post gaining over 5,000 likes in five months. On February 13th, Instagram[4] page pensivemoji reposted the screenshot, gaining over 2,800 likes in the same period.

On February 12th, 2021, YouTube user tonys_sword posted an All of the Lights bait-and-switch video that used the phrase "i forgor" as a punchline, with it being combined with a stock image of a 3D human figure sitting on a giant yellow question mark symbol (authorship unconfirmed, shown below). The upload received over 4,600 views in five months and received spread on Discord.

On May 12th, Redditor[5] smashi3 posted the "i forgor" image macro from the video to the /r/skamtebord subreddit, where it gained over 4,400 upvotes in two months. On May 31st, Redditor[6] MrSeano posted a sped-up GIF based on the video to /r/shitposting, gaining over 3,500 upvotes in one month.

In June 2021, a number of popular Instagram[7] accounts posted screenshots of @ItsNotSeabass' February tweet. For example, on June 18th, Instagram user daddy_chungles posted it, gaining over 27,300 likes in three weeks. A June 22nd post by Instagram[8] page grandmas.butt gained over 48,900 likes in the same period.

On July 9th, Instagram[9] page on_a_downward_spiral made an "I forgor πŸ’€" text post which received over 29,700 likes in four days (shown below, left). Later on the same day, on_a_downward_spiral made another text post,[10] writing that "I forgor πŸ’€" was a sociological study conducted by Harvard University.

I forgor

The posts prompted viral spread of the phrase "I forgor πŸ’€" on Instagram, mainly through shitposting in comments and meme pages making "i forgor" posts.

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Today 6:27 PM hii can u explain the "forgor joke to me haha i wanna know" since u closed ur dm on instagram i couldn't text u there I forgor Delivered Message Pay i had to ban the word forgor from the comment section for my own mental health, i hope you all can understand xx
How to Get Rich QUICK I forgor to post meme i refuse to post an i forgor meme -fatherling

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