Alien memes explained

What Is 'Alien-Posting?' The 'Alien Memes' And Photoshopped 'Green Alien Animals' Trend Explained

Alien-posting is taking over social media. It's simple, really, just take a photo of your cat or dog and edit them into a green alien with two antennas. While you're at it, make them speak a garbled alien language with lots of "gleebs," "florps" and "gnarp gnarps."

The humorously nonsensical Photoshop trend is the epitome of Zoomer humor. It's post-ironic, crudely-made and totally hilarious. Still unsure about what these extraterrestrial animals are and what they mean? Let's explain.

What Is 'Alien-Posting' And 'Green Alien Memes?'

For some reason, meme creators started a trend this year of making animals into aliens. The creators use Photoshop to color tint the animal's fur, making their skin into that of a Martian's, as in, bright green.

The main reason that the meme is funny is that the Photoshopping skills are not amazing, in fact, their hyperbolically subpar. This fact, mixed with how nonsensical the meme is and how cute the animals are, makes a great ironic and wholesome trend.

When Did 'Green Alien Memes' Start And Who Is 'Geeble?'

The trend started in late 2022 when a Twitter thread started about a dog named Handheld Pupper. The photograph shows a little bulldog puppy in the hand of an outstretched arm. A Twitter user named @valeriehell1 replied to the photo with an edited version of the puppy who eventually became known as Geeble online.

Who Is 'Gnarp Gnarp?'

Gnarp Gnarp is the name of Geeble's feline friend, a cat that's been turned green and given antennas. The first-known meme featuring Gnarp Gnarp was posted by Twitter user @uhyeahbruv in March. Thereafter, many animals were made into green aliens online.

boy why you so gnarp gnap wy i'm all ears

Who Is 'Alien Patrick Bateman?'

Going into April, meme creators obviously got tired of only making animals into aliens. They started making every meme-related character into a green alien, starting with Patrick Bateman from American Psycho (a.k.a. the most sigma of all the Literally Me Guys).

Alien Patrick Bateman was first posted by the Twitter account @alienpostingg with a Whisper text caption that read like an alien language. Soon after, more memes were re-edited to be alien-coded.

Zeeple florp reeb cunk. Wooba dee uibblesnort wombo ubatuba. Greeksnop.

For the full history of alien-posting, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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