Sean "Diddy" Combs as "The Diddler" meme.

What's 'The Diddler' Meme? P Diddy's New Nickname About The Raids And Accusations Explained

Rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs, better known as P. Diddy or Puff Daddy, has a new nickname: The Diddler.

The Diddler meme stems from Diddy's recent run-ins (or run-aways) with the legal system. After facing a slew of lawsuits and accusations regarding trafficking, Diddy has been renamed "The Diddler."

But where did this meme come from? What does it mean? Let's explain.

Where Does 'The Diddler' Meme Come From?

"The Diddler" spawned when P Diddy's Los Angeles and Miami homes were raided by US Homeland Security on Monday. The event caused controversy and discourse because the raid was in connection with a federal trafficking investigation (likely involving Diddy, although it's unconfirmed).

At the homes, authorities did not find Diddy, prompting many to imagine Diddy escaping in a devious way akin to a goofy supervillain, namely, The Diddler. The creative nickname combines Diddy's name, the term "diddling" and the famous Batman villain the Riddler.

The first known post naming Diddy as "The Diddler" was shared by a Twitter / X user named @thouxanbanlee on the day of the raids.

SWAVY @thouxanbanlee The Feds done came for The Diddler 5:06 PM Mar 25, 2024 171.1K Views •

What Are Some 'The Diddler' Meme Examples?

Since the birth of The Diddler, internet users have had a field day imagining what Diddy's alter-ego looks like. For instance, there's been a lot of Photoshops and AI art posted over the past few days, showing Diddy in a green suit, evading the police.

The memes are popping up on Facebook and X, leading to parody movie posters and hilarious reaction images. Here are some of the best examples so far.

Xan Marino March 25 at 11:53 PM. Its gonna take more than that to catch THE DIDDLER

What's Going On With P Diddy?

P. Diddy (the once beloved rapper) is under a lot of heat right now. Starting in November, lawsuits started to surface that were filed against Diddy, accusing him of an array of wrongdoings that would earn most people extensive jail time.

Lots of the discourse and awareness online started when hip-hop producer and storied Diddy collaborator Lil Rod filed a lawsuit against Diddy in late February. In his court documents, a lot of deranged details were unearthed about Diddy behind closed doors, most notably his purported intimate relations with fellow artists like Meek Mill and Usher.

Also in Lil Rod's lawsuit were accusations that Diddy was trafficking minors. That's why when Diddy's homes were raided this week by US Homeland Security, many assumed that it was because of the trafficking accusations. Homeland Security said that it was investigating a trafficking-related case, and because it was raids on Diddy's homes, many assumed that it was Diddy who was being hunted (although it's unconfirmed).

Memes like The Diddler are trying to make light of this heavy situation. If anything, the memes are helping spread awareness that P. Diddy is a possibly dangerous person and that his alleged victims need to be heard.

For the full history of The Diddler, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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