It's Joever meme explained

What's The 'It's Joever' Meme? Why Does Joe Biden Look So Sad And What Does It Mean?

Ironic Joe Biden memes have been thriving since the beginning of 2023, coming to a climax with the iconic "It's Joever" image. The meme shows the President standing at a podium, looking solemnly at what he's reading, coveying a weird sense of sadness that's contrasted by the silly pun written above him.

This image has become a common reaction image on Twitter and elsewhere, predominantly used in nonsensical and non-political situations.

Why is this? How did the "It's Joever" meme go from the antithesis of IT'S OVER to its current state? Let's explain.


Where Did The 'It's Joever' Meme Come From?

Shortly before the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, an anonymous 4chan user posted a Joe Biden image to the /pol/ image board that had text reading in all caps "IT'S JOEVER." The meme was seemingly shared earnestly as a way to dunk on the leftists in the thread. Additionally, the Biden photograph used in the meme was taken by Getty Images in 2019.

IT'S JOEVER Anonymous ID:pWby4ZX1 Sat 24 Oct 2020 18:21:47 No.284579032 Report hello gnupol, dumbledore's army (kek), american independent (formerly shareblue), how's it going? i hope you're doing well. here's a prediction for you it's joever

What Is The 'IT'S OVER' Meme?

Some might not be aware that the "It's Joever" meme is based on a precursor Donald Trump meme called "IT'S OVER." The image follows a similar premise, however, there's no pun involved. Instead, meme creators replaced Trump with many sad-looking characters, including Joe Biden himself, standing in the rain.


How Is 'It's Joever' Used Online?

As stated, "It's Joever" has become a common reply on Twitter, predominantly in response to an ill-advised tweet sent by a user who shouldn't have. Overall, the meme's usage is piggybacking on the "It's so over" vs. "We're so back" dichotomy of catchphrases, which are often contrasted in humorous charts and meters.

In most cases, Biden's likeness in the "It's Joever" meme is not important. If anything, the meme's usage makes fun of the silly pun involved and downplays the seriousness of Biden's depressing expression, similar to other memes that overdramatize the acting and elderly President, perpetuating further the deep irony of the satirically all-powerful Dark Brandon.

For the full history of It's Joever, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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