See The Winner Of January 2021's Meme Of The Month!

See The Winner Of January 2021's Meme Of The Month!

And the meme of January 2021 goes to. . . .

Lamar Roasts Franklin / Yee Yee Ass Haircut takes the win, with 29% of the total votes. The iconic scene from Grand Theft Auto V first became the subject of memes in 2013, then saw a huge resurgence in late 2020 that refused to let up in January. The whole thing peaked when the voice actors for Lamar and Franklin re-enacted the scene in mid-January, solidifying Lamar Roasts Franklin as an important piece of meme history.

KYM also interviewed Slink Johnson, the man who played Lamar Davis, to hear more about the making of the iconic line that became the meme and viral sensation. You can check out the full interview and see what Lamar himself has to say here.

WallStreetBets GameStop Short Squeeze

The WallStreetBets GameStop Short Squeeze finesses its way into second, with 25% of the total votes. When Redditors on /r/WallStreetBets noticed a way to win big on the stark market by surging the price of GameStop stock the financial world entered a state of chaos. This monumental event created a huge outpouring of memes, and hasn't stopped being the biggest news in the world entering February. If you don't understand the stock market, it might be time to learn.

Let me get this straight, you think that rich people losing money is funny? I do, and I'm tired of pretending it's not. How normal people fight billionaires How reddit fights them And Reddit said unto Wall Street "Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself.", But lo he could not. For Reddit was hitting him with his own hands. LEONDARDO DICAPRIO ARKHAM AMARTIN SCORSESE PICTURE THẾ WOLF MAFIA OF R/WALLSTREETBETS plager the plaure In pla Gar op SAVE SAVE 20 20 SVE $20 20 LATE MAFIA Game Stop POWERP O PROMEMBER EXCLUSIES SAVE $10 SAVE $10 SAVE SAVED 20 15 15 GOPROGET MOR Pre MAL

Bernie Sanders Wearing Mittens Sitting in a Chair

Bernie Sanders Wearing Mittens Sitting in a Chair settles comfortably into third, with 17% of the total votes. The photo of Sanders, taken at Joe Biden's inauguration, seemed to receive more media attention than the inauguration itself as users began photoshopping Biden into every situation imaginable. He do be wearing cozy-looking mittens, tho.

30 REST RICHTER x 00 Bernie Sanders Nobody working 40 hours a week should be living in POVerty. THUNE

Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu takes fourth, with 13% of the total votes. This "tall, sexy vampire lady" from the upcoming video game Resident Evil Village got RE fans across the web simping rather than screaming after she appeared in the third trailer for the game, revealed to be one of the main villains. It's safe to say based on all the fan art that fans are excited for release day.

BIG MOM GF I wish we had a new game It's been 7 ye Silent Hill Silent Hill fans fans 8 FT TALL VAMPIRE GF STEP ON ME MOMMY RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE Mama warned me about women like you. I was hoping she was right.

Capitol Insurrection Memes

Capitol Insurrection Memes tie for fifth, with 5% of the total votes. When a group of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in January a massive flood of memes came with them, including a man in a viking hat, Capitol Meemaw, and Nancy Pelosi's computer monitor.

Man carrying a podium inside the capitol building and Waldo in a similar pose Ricky Rocksteady @RocksteadyRicky 000 Capitol during BLM protests Сapitol today 8:21 PM · Jan 6, 2021 · Twitter for Android 49.8K Retweets 1.4K Quote Tweets 191.3K Likes 27

Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla Vs. Kong ties for fifth, with 5% of the total votes. When the trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong dropped, monke-posters across the web began screeching and pounding their chests with excitement. Sides were quickly taken and a meme war began as users fought about who would win. Whatever the outcome, let's just hope the studio doesn't kill the film with a tied-match like this.

I'm sure to win because my Intelligence is superior. GOOZILLA GOT BUSY. I'm just saying I've never seen Kong do this King Kong Godzilla a nuclear creature that can f------ explode and breath lazers

PogChamp Twitch Ban

PogChamp Twitch Ban joins the three-way-tie for fifth with 5% of the total votes. The PogChamp emote is legendary on Twitch, but when the face of the emote, Gootecks, had some not-so-poggers things to say about the storming of the Capitol, it was banned from the platform. This sparked unrest across the web, with memers both celebrating and mourning the loss of PogChamp everywhere and trying to determine the next PogChamp. F's in the chat, everyone.

PogChamp being removed from Twitch Trump being elected as the president in 2016 R.I.P PogChamp. You will be forever missed. (Not the person, the emote)

Sea Shanties

Sea Shanties drop anchor in sixth, with 2% of the total votes. Sea shanties came back into the meme spotlight with a passion in January after a video of a man singing "Wellerman" went mega-viral on TikTok, inspiring a massive trend across the web. Turns out shanties are a great way to unify social media users as well as crew members on a ship!

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