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MEME OF THE MONTH DREAMWORKS Puss in Boots Upon recommendation of our research community and by the virute of the authority vested in them, Know Your Meme hereby confers upon Puss in Boots this certificate of memeship in recognition of its outstanding reception during the month of Nº0123 January 2022 CERTIFIED

Feline adventurer, daredevil and thief extraordinaire, Puss in Boots nabs the first place from the next contender with 17 percent of total votes. The massive love for DreamWorks' latest creation is undeniable, with characters such as Jack Horner and Death sharing the spotlight with Puss. Avatar 2 bites the dust, and Puss in Boots wins both cinematically and memetically.

A NEW STORY FROM THE FAIRY TALES OF SHREK PUSSIN BOOTS THE LAST WISH IN THEATERS CHRISTMAS haha funny cat to try and escape death is to live a life of denial and fear. we experience the beauty of life not in spite of, but because of our inevitable mortality. the world can be horrid and people can be disgustingly cruel, but it's the relationships and adventures we embrace that makes living worthwhile. to enjoy the rewards of being loved we must submit ourselves to the mortifying ordeal of being known. We don't need bad guys anymore, generational trauma, misunderstandings communication are the true conflict! and lack of I love treating my men like shit and I'm about to shoot a puppy in the fucking face afterwards. dumb bitch 2.0 @TThisbitchgay Shrek 2 Pussy vs Last Wish Pussy. glow up of the century. 11:56 AM Jan 7, 2023 11.7M Views : ...

Let Me Do It for You / Miss Piggy "Cellophane" Cover

While the Miss Piggy cover of FKA's Twigs' "Cellophane" was originally recorded in February 2022, it had mostly traveled under the radar through obscure Instagram meme accounts and Discord group chats until it found its perfect meme format several months later. That is, Borzoi dogs offering their extra long nose services in weird yet cute animations set to the cover. The long nose boys almost reached for the stars but will have to settle for second place with 16 percent of the total votes.

Mud Wizard

In the third place with 11 percent of your votes, we have the German menace, the powerful mudbender, the one the police fears, Mud Wizard. A video of a man in a wizard-like robe fus-ro-dahing German police into a pile of mud went absolutely viral, with the Mud Wizard becoming the hero of the people who dedicated fan art and memes to him.

The police dug too greedily and too deep, and summoned the Mud Wizard. Now they would pay. @joan_de_art GERMAN MUD WIZARD SERS EARTH 9897-5424 [SPELLCASTER] The powerful German Mud Wizard paralyzes the opponent on top of a muddy area, making it impossible for the enemy to attack or defend himself. Mud Wizard Lvl: ??? ST GZ POLIZEI ST 32102

People With Blue Eyes

People With Blue Eyes were the exploitable template to use in late January. A simplistic drawing of a guy with folded hands staring at you is just asking to be captioned with a shitpost joke, and that is exactly what people have been doing. People with blue, green, brown and every other type of eye color get fourth place with nine percent of your votes.

carmen (ghost/pink/il) >℃ • toh spoilers @feelterribleinc nobody: people with brown eyes when the sun hits their face at the perfect angle: : snake @t4totasune something something people who lost one of their blue eyes by a russian colonel and then killed their mom 8:52 AM Jan 30, 2023 1,647 Views grit @spookygrit___ nobody: people with no eyes: 9:22 PM Jan 29, 2023 1,024 Views ...

Hydrogen Bomb vs. Coughing Baby

The most uneven matchup of the century, Hydrogen Bomb vs. Coughing Baby became an illustration of ultimate domination. One-Punch-Manning underage weaklings with the power of a hydrogen bomb became the symbol of definitive might, beating pathetic Coughing Baby into submission time after time. Fifth place with eight percent of the votes.

6 HYDROGEN BOMB TIPE 3 VS O 00-10012 /A 90 COUGHING BABY 89 HYDROGEN BOMB VS 3 D COUGHING BABY SOMETHING TRULY EVIL @_Something_Evil HYDROGEN BOMB Ryu @SxnDTrigger · Dec 19 Guts Vs Tanjiro Show this thread VS 3:11 PM Dec 21, 2022 COUGHING BABY

Discord User Is a Suspected Terrorist

Wrapping up our top six is Discord User Is a Suspected Terrorist, the Discord statues the media fear. The entire meme is pretty much setting one's status on Discord to a disclaimer announcing that the user is a suspected terrorist, with the intention of baiting those unaware that the user is indeed a wanted person. If TikTok is any measure, there are plenty of those who don't know about it, and this is how this quality bait landed seven percent of your votes.

@sticklesslock bro out here shooting up discord servers n shi #viral #discord #funny #fyp #xyzbca #federal ♬ original sound – 🐐🐐🐐 .

But wait, there's more! Among the memes that didn't have the popular vote to reach our top six are some quality formats that we just can't let go unmentioned. Concluding our list are Female Cop Maegan Hall and the Tennessee Police Sex Scandal (6%), the awe-inspiring AI-Generated '80s Dark Fantasy (6%), Holy Fucking Bingle (what?! 5%), Finn Wolfhard and his Thanos-worthy snap (4%), AI inevitably being used to create naked humans (4%), 17th century sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini getting dunked on by modern Twitter (2%), Pfizer-induced shake-o-rama (2%), that one Taco Bell straight from a jRPG (2%), Norman Rockwell's famous Freedom of Speech (1%), some unconventional trout use (1%), and lastly the girls who are into Hello Kitty a bit too much (1%).

Gretchen Lynn @Bubola You may not like it but this is what peak sex kitten looks like 0 LICE CA 2011 10:46 AM Jan 15, 2023 2.8M Views ... holy shit, we actually have the nofly list. holy fucking bingle. what?! :3 G T KON & 6-> G GAWE 1 7 Z . H 1 #F L 8 U N O 19 9 M K O O L T A P O : Alt Gr A- (1 PA I ( S Ca t S 4 3
@levelsio @levelsio me: my new Al model is great My new Al model: 6:23 AM Jan 16, 2023 873.5K Views : On Leviathan @leviathan_twt i was 13 when i made chug jug with you CHUG JUG LEVIATHANJPTV WITH YOU Chug Jug With You - Parody of American Boy (Number One Victory Royale) 36M views 4y ago #1 VictoryRoyale ...more Western Traditionalist A 23 year old sculpted this. What's your excuse? Show this thread @Western_Trad - Jan 12 12:08 PM - Jan 23, 2023 - 1.1M Views УТЯСИАНTAIVEJI 1
Manlet Thorin @ManletThorin A shrimp did not fry that rice! 11:02 PM. Dec 18, 2022 REPORT TOWN NORMAN ROCKWELL DEADLIEST SNATCH B

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