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And the meme of September 2023 goes to…

MEME OF THE MONTH Smurf Cat Upon recommendation of our research community and by the virute of the authority vested in them, Know Your Meme hereby confers upon Smurf Cat this certificate of memeship in recognition of its outstanding reception during the month of Nº0923 September CERTIFIED

We live, we love, we win: Smurf Cat has been voted the best meme of September 2023. While the concept art for this smurf-like creature was first posted online back in 2011(!), it has only recently become a meme after a TikTok page discovered it and started posting this half-mushroom, half-cat guy with the caption "шайлушай." Pairing the song with "The Spectre" by Alan Walker was the last piece of the puzzle needed to turn this uncut gem into a gemmy diamond that left TikTok in awe for the entire month. First place with 27 percent of the votes.

Adam Sandler's "Eight Crazy Nights" Poster Parodies

If you thought 2011 was going to be the earliest origin for a meme on this list, think twice: Adam Sandler's animated film Eight Crazy Nights was released back in 2002, and it took some 21 years for its poster to become a popular redraw format. There are two things that this format definitely has going for it: Adam Sandler's very redrawable face, and the giant snowball that's just asking to be captioned. 14 percent of you voted for this – someone please call Adam Sandler and tell him to come pick up his prize.


Kevin James Posting

…And if you thought Adam Sandler was going to be the only comedy actor on the list… You сatch the drift. Posting stock images of actor Kevin James (especially the one where he shrugs, hands in his pockets, smirking in "yep, I've just done that" sort of way) has been a major trend for the past week of the month, and an echo of a similar Kevin Hart posting trend from earlier this year. Can Kevin get nine percent of your votes and the third place on the poll with that look? He most certainly can.

make up a fighting game player @makeupafgplayer fighting game player who wins with a wakeup super and gives their opponent this look 81156287 2:26 PM. Sep 24, 2023 522.7K Views gettyimages Credit: CBS Photo Archive kurtis conner @kurtisconner me trying to act cool while the local blacksmith tries to find the man who looted his chest 81156287 10:27 AM . Sep 25, 2023 581.1K Views 81156287 @twilightreborn 1. 0 twilight JUGE PS to Archive twilight

How Often Do You Think About the Roman Empire?

It looks like at least nine percent of you were thinking about the Roman Empire when you voted on this poll because that's how much the How Often Do You Think About the Roman Empire? trend got. Women asking their husbands, boyfriends, brothers and fathers this question and learning that many of them think about Ancient Rome surprisingly too often was a meme and a sociological discovery two-in-one. Now that's something worthy of the fourth place on this poll.

I bet he's thinking about the Roman Empire A How did Hellenistic messengers know which Alexandria they were supposed to go to? O Local Bloke Utterly Obsessed By Roman Empire Because He Too Would Like To Be Destroyed By Goths EFFIE BATEMAN | Lifestyle | Contact You think about the Roman Empire I think about Reżc Pospolita We are not the same made with mematic

Mexican Alien Corpse

Now for the dank alien corpse in the room: Pretty much no one believed that the "mummified corpses" of "aliens" presented in Mexico were real. What was real, however, was thousands of memes about their ayy lmao appearance. Thanks for that throwback, 2023, we really needed that laugh. Fifth place with seven percent of the votes.


Kagura Bachi

Sixth place with just seven percent for "the greatest manga of all time?" Preposterous.


And now, in no particular but for some reason still descending order, memes that just didn't had it in them to compete for one of the higher spots: McDonald's ad, Japan (6%), Napoleon not seeing any way out of it (6%), sneaking messages into AI art (6%), an F-35 jet taking a break and disappearing for just a lil while (3%), acting up and catching the curse of the Nile (2%), Ahsoka Tano being a good friend (1%), Princess Jane, the killer of 3D animation (1%), the lyrically engaging Dracula Flow (1%) and Burning Man 2023: Wrath of the Earth Edition edition (1%).

Possum Reviews @ReviewsPossum m 10:14 AM·Sep 21, 2023·87.9K Views oculus 보고 ... There's nothing we can do... KIA TO
L - 20 191 17 FR SH 14 #72 m Z M in 7- C S DUDE Where's my F-35 D no m 14 TH 01 #T E e 1w I'm pretty sure those are fake hieroglyphics I'm not sure though 2 reactions Reply Hide replies W wagadoogado 1d L + dont care + CURSE OF THE NILE!!!! PARALIPYHIMYMM. BARUITH 粉粉 性 Man=1 Mannie 222 望 300x Sonnou $1AM 州 上海 ** YAN NaN ROVI_14_ M BB222 38 UX40分为业乎 HONINNONEY 中洲 江南南 RHEA 冠 性 When some people in the comment sections starts typing "Luke,did i ever tell you about Ahsoka Tano? u/amcik_dusmani Don't!
rix! @Rixbunny ... when an artistcel says something so aiphobic you gotta hit em with that princess jane stare 12:26 PM. Sep 4, 2023 People be like: "Yeah burning man was pretty awesome this year"

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Okay for real, who are voting on these polls? Eight crazy nights, Chihiro katana, Mcdonalds family, Mexican alien corpse, all these memes had way more intercation from site users than Smurf Cat ever did.
I'm not making a judgement on the supposed "quality" of any these memes per se, just that the poll doesn't seem to reflect the observed reality of the active kym userbase.


Are the monthly meme polls technically open for literally anyone to vote on? Are they something thats advetised on other sites? I'm left curious about this.


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