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Whitelist Us on Ad Blocker

Last posted Nov 05, 2018 at 03:56PM EST. Added Aug 15, 2017 at 04:05PM EDT
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Who wants a muffin wrote:

No, it's a legit question. I'd use Ad nauseum instead of Ublock Origin on this site if it meant that they would get clicks without bothering me or expose my PC to their awful ads.

Also, is the site working strange lately for anyone else? I keep getting random can't connect to the site messages.

>Using a pop up to try and counter people who are using ad blockers to stop similar annoying pop up and ads.

Holy fuck you people never cease to amaze me with your incompetence. Get rid of that pop up shit and learn to respect peoples choices of using ad blockers.

-61 now, any of you think we can break a hundred downvotes? Just to drive the point home?
I'm still amazed. I hadn't seen a userbase so divided, with people arguing for every damn side ever and switching between them as it goes, and yet here they are all united in a big cry of "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"

I have received more than a few malware warnings using this site in the past and there's no way in hell I'm disabling my ad-blocker for that.
Make a Patreon or something if you need money.

I'm sorry but the reason why I use adblock on this site is because the few times I tried to view this site with adblock off I got redirected to a very obvious virus site (for a while it also got bad enough that even adblock didn't stop the damn redirect, something I brought up in the forums, and while the redirect seems to have stopped when I have adblock on, now it happens if it's off).

TestingAnon wrote:

Greetings from 4chan, someone asked me to check the site.
First stop using adblock and shit like that, and install uBlock Origin, not no ublock, uBlock origin, they are different.
Install it, open it, click the gear icons to go to options.
Then go to my filters.
Copy/paste this:

Pastebin because i cant copy/paste it here because the formatting breaks and some characters are not allowed in this forum.
There, no more problems, if the site is broken or something tell me.

Update: Fixed white square popup.

Thanks a lot, now the website sucks less again.

Tyranid Warrior #1024649049375 wrote:

I cannot agree enough with this. Maybe if you useless twats who call yourself staff actually payed attention to what your userbase wants maybe this site wouldn't be slowly dying. Of course you're not going to read this because you don't care about your users or what they say. This shit is unacceptable.
But hey, at least I learned of a better adblocker.

Hot Sauce wrote:

No, it's a legit question. I'd use Ad nauseum instead of Ublock Origin on this site if it meant that they would get clicks without bothering me or expose my PC to their awful ads.

Also, is the site working strange lately for anyone else? I keep getting random can't connect to the site messages.

My bad. This was the first time I had heard of Ad Nauseum so I thought it was a joke at the website's expense. Sorry about that.

Look I love this site and I love to come here everyday to see the memes and I think the use of adblocker is really scummy. But the thing is, I need to use adblocker for this site. My computer slows down when the ads are running in this site and it takes up more RAM than what it should be acceptable. This is the site that finally broke me and made me get an adblocker but I have every other site other than this one whitelisted. I would be down to paying a subscription to turn off ads on the site because I love it and want to support it so please find another work around like making sure the ads don't slow done the place significantly or making a subscription service.

Also this is my second time writing this because the tab crashed due to ads.

Ryumaru Borike wrote:

Yo, how long until OP hits the legendary negative triple digits?

Judging by the current rate of downvoting, I'd say he's less than an hour away. (He already has 90 DV and 3 UV at the time of this posting.)

for me it's clear, I'll never disable adblock for anyone or anybody who asks me to disable it.
I absolutely hate that anti-adblock movement on every youtubeurs/twitchers/websites that are actually more cancer.
try to make better content, then you'll have more revenue.

even if I'm on this site for years now, I will leave this website definitively without a single hesitation if this popup is not removed from the website soon, like I did for deviantart, like I did for gelbooru recently, and like I'll do for any future sites.

I can still appreciate memes without having to go on KYM.

yeah, it may be 1 click, but that 1 fucking click is the thing I hate the most on the internet.

yeah, you have to eat, yeah, you have to gain money, no I will not see your ads.

the funny thing is that even the adblock users (like me) contribute to the community, even if it's not directly financially, but by making the community alive and by talking about kym to other people who could be more potential money for you.

but here, you are just making a choice that will make the site more profitable for a few days, then a certain amount of the people here (like me) will just leave.

so, I'll wait like 24-48h, or something like that, I dunno.
if that shit is still here, I'll just say bye.

I browse this site on my cellphone sometimes, and the ads aren't as intrusive as some people says. Maybe it depends on your browser, company or country but they're not the worst thing ever, so I can deal with that.
That's just my experience on mobile, on my computer I use UBlock Origin because it slows the fuck out of my browser.
I wonder who was the smartcunt who had the brilliant idea of an annoying pop up on EVERY SINGLE FUCKING PAGE, like not just the main page, that would be acceptable for me, but this shit is just too much.

"In order for us to improve your browsing experience on this site, we kindly ask you to whitelist us from your ad blo-"

How about giving us ads that don't set off our anti-virus programs before even thinking about asking us to remove our ad blockers.

Honestly I get wanting to encourage people to disable their adblock, but this is absolutely not how you guys should be going about it. I can't stand the ads here on KYM, especially since they eat up a ton of my RAM just by having them in the background and how some of them play sound with no option to turn it off other than muting the entire tab itself. Quite frankly, until something is done about it, I can't justify turning my adblock off even for KYM.

Mom Rivers wrote:

Could you make it so that it doesn't show up on every single new page that's opened when you have an adblocker? I'd be fine with this popup if it was just once a day or every new browser session or something to that extent, but it's every new page that's opened. I know y'all ran a survey on ads recently and probably have way better data than I do, but since I haven't seen that, I have to rely on my recent survey that suggested that about 3/4ths of active KYM users use adblock on this site. This seems like it'd seriously damage an already dying community, something this obtrusive.

Seriously, just do this. Just having to close it once is way more acceptable than closing one every time you change the page. You guys keep the notification, and no one is annoyed to the point they leave community. It makes everyone happy.

Here's a suggestion for the dipshit staff who need the community to spell our demands out for them:

1.Non Intrusive adverts

2.Editable Comments

3.Remove the shitty wait period between voting on comments.

Show that you're willing to listen to us and then we will support your site again.

What the fuck, Brad!?! Look at your karma!
10 Famous People Who Ruined Their Careers In Seconds

>Users complain about malware
>Users complain about Complex banner
>Users complain about autoplay videos

>Stupid fucking pop-up bombards users who got tired of nothing being done about the cancerous ads

Idk how long this site will last…

This is a request to disable your adblocker. It's small, unobtrusive, and appears only once per session.

This is also a request to disable your adblocker. It's large, intrusive, and appears everywhere you go on KYM.
If you're going to do either one of these you should do the former, not the latter.

I'll tell you what I told the booru. if it's gonna open up virus redirects, open multiple pages, and find a way to be the most annoying and intrusive shit I've seen on the Internet, the answer is no. God, even paheal isn't this pathetic.

Last edited Aug 16, 2017 at 01:41AM EDT

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