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Whitelist Us on Ad Blocker

Last posted Nov 05, 2018 at 03:56PM EST. Added Aug 15, 2017 at 04:05PM EDT
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James wrote:

It's once a day for logged in users. We're still deciding on the frequency for logged out users but it's not on every page for them either.

Ok, thanks for answering.

Still think there need to be an alternative but it's something.

Mr. Candles wrote:

Closing in on two hundred downvotes soon, we're at 190. Good lord, this probably outright revived some accounts from the dead just to make their hatred known. So if you wanted to revive the site… mission accomplished I guess, even if just for a few days?

"this probably outright revived some accounts from the dead"

Like me!

This is my first forum post in… checks three years.

Never had my browsing on this site gone so slowly in the five years I've visited here. Since I decided to unblock this domain yesterday, I thought I was doing the right thing but it's like I'm being punished for it.

Look, I kind of get it; I'd rather not have one of the best repositories of internet culture rake in more ad revenue than it has to, but it also needs to stay afloat somehow. I can't begin to imagine the balance that needs to be struck, but this probably isn't it.

Having a giant pop-up communicating this message with a mocking smile and admitting how annoying it is doesn't help at all…

the solution sometimes is not to add more ads, but remove some.
the thing is that it's pretty long to have a solid community, but that's extremely easy to lose the same community in a few days.

once per day is already better, but that's still not good.
people coming here for the first time will just close the window after seeing a single popup, and never come back.

and I don't know if some people here are like me, but I personally don't want to lose 1 click everyday on this popup.
you can not agree with me and saying things like "1 click is nothing, you are using this site freely", yes, but it's just like someone who would want to punish you for no reason.

you can't hope to ask people to do something they don't want to do, they'll just leave.

I'm pretty sure there are other solutions.

RandomMan wrote:

In the middle of all this chaos, I do have one curious question:

When was the last time you browsed this site without adblock on?

It's a legit curious question. Over the last months, ad issues have improved enormously (clearly ignoring this chapter). People who accidentally browsed KYM with ads found themselves pleasantly suprised. I too have been browsing the site for a solid time now on mobile without any malicious ads or redirecting.

If the last time you tried KYM without adblock is half a year or more, may I ask to try it one more round? Just a few days works, and decide from there if you turn it back on. Odds are the malicious ads that caused the decision might no longer be there.

The feedback could help a lot and might prevent issues like this chapter from ever happening again.

Only every time I visit on mobile, which often involves the tab jumping to a redirect that I can't get out of.

Mom Rivers wrote:

When this started, I tested out not using any adblockers. The ads, while they didn't seem malicious and didn't redirect on desktop, were very large and at times kinda lewd. While I know KYM in general has that stuff, typically you have to choose to see it.

Before someone says "ads are tailored to you", I've had stuff on my computer to prevent tracked and have all the Google privacy settings up. None of the ads were tailored to me, that's just the default apparently.

On mobile, I didn't want to risk it. I recently linked a KYM forum thread elsewhere and someone on mobile posted a screenshot of the redirect they got. I had thought that problem was fixed – apparently not.


I have never experienced pop ups nor redirects when browsing this site on mobile. Does it depend on the country, or am I just lucky?

TvTropesRuinedMyLife wrote:

I have never experienced pop ups nor redirects when browsing this site on mobile. Does it depend on the country, or am I just lucky?

It happens occasionally. Ive personally never experienced the malware problem. But thats probably i almost always have adblock on when visiting the site. But the ads do make your browser really really really slow.

TripleA9000 wrote:

It happens occasionally. Ive personally never experienced the malware problem. But thats probably i almost always have adblock on when visiting the site. But the ads do make your browser really really really slow.

Yeah I've never had pop-ups or malware ads either (just the occasional bullshit 'hot women in your area' ad), but yeah, like you said, ads on here just absolutely chew through RAM and it's especially problematic when I get one that plays sound without my permission, and that alone is reason enough, along with everyone complaining about getting malware, for me to warrant not turning Ublock off.

Big Boss 120.85 wrote:

We will forsake our users. We will leave our site behind us and become one with this ads. We have no user base, no integrity, no understanding of our users. We pop up where we're needed, shilling, not for our fan base, but for ourselves. We need no reason to advertise. We advertise because we are broke. We will be the deterrent for those with Ublock. We are Admins With Advertisements, our purpose defined by the era we live in. We will sometimes have to sell ourselves and our sites. If the times demand it, we'll be Memers, Dankmemers, Deadpoolers. And yes, we may all be headed straight to hell. But what better place for us than this? It's our only home. Our site and our hell. This is KYM.

Bless This Post

Hey friends I'm jumping in very late into this thread to give my two cents:
I don't blame the admins for their decision. Of course, the new pop-up notification was obnoxious and passive aggressive, and I wish it could've been something less shitty. But the need for site revenue is understandable.
I was watching a stream earlier where twitch chat was demonizing twitch for using ads. The streamer then jumped in to defend twitch, pointing out how twitch was not the evil but the existence of ads themselves, as twitch has to rely on them for any decent form of revenue. This is pretty much the exact situation we're in right now. The admins obviously don't want to be relying on annoying ads, but there is no other solution (at least that we've figured out). Not only that, but they've been making efforts to make the ads less shitty and I can definitely see the effects. I've had KYM whitelisted for a while now and I've definitely seen improvements in our ads.

tl:dr: I agree that the whole passive-aggressive popup was terrible and that there were certainly better ways to have gone about it, but I don't believe KYM is evil for wanting us to whitelist their site. If there were a better alternative to ads then the admins would obviously take it, and they've already made efforts to make KYM ads less shitty.

I'm not shilling the admins because I'm a moderator, I'm shilling them because I've been on KYM for almost 4 years and it would suck to see it die :(

Last edited Aug 18, 2017 at 02:42AM EDT

Well, before the Know Your Meme 101 videos started getting posted, I had Ora.TV
IP blocked in my hosts file for pushing auto-playing ads on me from other websites. I was surprised when the first episode showed a broken embedded player. I have it unblocked now, though.

I had to block in my hosts file because it was hijacking the YouTube embedded player after a video would end. So, instead of seeing related videos or being able to replay the video again, I would get an ad that looked like a YouTube video.

I don't block ads on mobile. It's gotten better, but every once in a while I get redirected to one of those obvious malware sites, or an auto-playing video bogs down my browser to the point of crashing. Also, because the top banner ad loads slowly, it pushes things down as I try to tap on them, and because of lag it registers an ad click instead.

I know I'm late, but thought I could shed my light on the subject. For my 4 months on KYM I didn't use any kind of ad blocking. However, my fifth month being on this site, I started to notice that my laptop and desktop (keep in mind that my desktop is fairly new, while the laptop is just a Mac that has display base of only 4GB of data memory) having slow performance due to all the auto play ads. If you require donations from us, I'm positive the community will gladly step in to help it, just please KYM don't pull something like this again!

I stopped visiting on my phone because of intrusive malware ads. And revisiting today without an ad-blocker, I see nothing but Mountain Dew ads everywhere I go on a page, even the one that follows as I scroll. Perhaps something like "hey guys, if everyone pitches in so much every once in a while or once a month, we won't need to assault your devices with auto-generated spam and malware." At the very least, something less obnoxious, intrusive and riddled with the potential to afflict my devices until the day they die.

I tried going on the site without an ad blocker before. While I have yet to experience any malware problems or what else, I felt forced to put the ad blocker back on because it really, really slowed down the loading of the site.

Only way to really fix this is to make the ads much lighter. A web page that loads fluently is a lot more attractive to people, even with ads.

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