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Whitelist Us on Ad Blocker

Last posted Nov 05, 2018 at 03:56PM EST. Added Aug 15, 2017 at 04:05PM EDT
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I would Whitelist you if it wasn't the fact that your Ad System is very shitty, but seriously


Look KYM, I started using uBlock Origin on this site when I had a fake Windows page pop up and slow my computer down to the point that it took me twenty minutes just to open up Task Manager and close the window.
I am not going to take the chance of having to deal with that again.

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Potoo Brigham wrote:

Came in here with AdBlock Plus, left installing uBlock on top of that purely out of spite.

I've heard uBlock Origin would be a better choice since it's the current one that's being developed by the original uBlock developer.

Brad wrote:

Hello everyone,

If you're browsing Know Your Meme on desktop with an ad blocker enabled, you've probably noticed a big (and obnoxious) addition:

And we get it. you've come here to browse memes, not ads. In a perfect world, this would not be an issue. But in reality, because our meme research is primarily funded by advertising, we will always struggle to keep them lights on without your support.

In order for us to improve your browsing experience on this site, we kindly ask you to whitelist us from your ad blocker. With more people who whitelist our site from ad blocker, the less ads we have to stack around your memes. It's as simple as that!

But hey, If you are all about seizing them memes of production, that's fine too. You can still continue browsing by clicking on X.

It's been said a great many times already in this thread, but sorry KYM, not risking getting my computer infected with malware. It's already hell using this website on my phone; within 5 minutes of browsing, I get redirected to "YOU JUST WON 1 GRAND" or "ANSWER THIS SURVEY TO WIN A LAPTOP" malware sites that I can't exit from without closing the entire browser. How about you quit having shit like that alongside ads with sound, that will get more people to disable adblock than this garbage pop up ever will.

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Here's an compromise: I have stopped using AdBlock several days ago and have replaced it with AdNauseam. AdNauseam can block ads and malware, and also automatically clicks ads silently (no popup or redirect for you) to support the website. I've added KYM to the whitelist of AdNauseam and I only see regular, SFW, silent ads.
You can get AdNauseam on their website (no worries, it's safe):

There's been a rampage of redirect ads, that redirect me to some sort of online gambling crap if I click anywhere on the page at all (not even on the ad itself). I literally can not browse the site without adblock engaged, as doing so results in me battling with my browser for control.

The only other site I know that does same shit is a certain hentai resource.

Guess I'll be staying away from the site until the situation is resolved.

For shame, KYM, for shame.

Honestly, I would prefer that this site succeed and make revenue, but I've been forced to use an ad blocker for this site due to the nature of the ads that appear here. These adds got to the point that the site became genuinely unusable. They were so numerous, so intrusive, so loud, and so obstructive that it was no longer possible to move from page to page on KYM. Even with everything else optimized, it could take numerous attempts just to make the site load. Eventually, it came to the point where my only options were to either stop using KYM or to use an ad blocker.

This site needs to make its ads safe and unobstructive before people start dropping the ad blocking. I have no experience with running a website, but is there not some way for the people in charge to regulate what does and does not appear from ads here? All people need is a little quality of life in their user experience.

I know this is basically preaching to the choir, but holy shit these ads are out of control. I turned off my adblock just to see how everything would be, and the pages loaded so slowly that I had to turn it back on. Without ads, I can do everything on here buttery smooth, no lag at all. Once the ads are on, everything goes to shit and I can barely scroll down a page without it taking ten seconds to load.

This must have been what was going on in the staff's heads:
"Hmm instead of fixing the ads so people can actually use the website and not get viruses, we can just make an even more intrusive ad that tells everyone to turn off adblock! Yeah, that won't blow up in our face! Also, we should ignore our dwindling community when they actually want something like editable comments and the removal of timed votes! We're so brilliant!"

Get your shit together, ffs.

Look, I'm extremely patient with ads. But dear god, it gets harder and harder to not just stick adblock on and be done with it. I've already copied advice and images to set me up nice and quickly.

And seriously, guess what happened when I opened this forum. An ad auto-directed me to a new spam web page that filled my history with 8 duplicates to try and prevent me simply clicking back.

My back is very nearly broken KYM. Fix your ad problem now because I highly doubt I am the only one on the verge of breaking.

At first, I thought this was a funny way to try and get people to whitelist your site. But then it popped up on every single KYM page I visited. A simple "Please whitelist us on Adblock" message in place of the ads would have been nice, but noooo, you have to do it like this.

Last edited Aug 16, 2017 at 06:17AM EDT

Starchie wrote:

I know that every website needs money, but why not just start a donation like Funnyjunk and Wikipedia did or at least give us ads that won't slow down or affect our computers?

I hope that popup goes away soon, as KnowYourMeme is going to die off very quickly if this doesn't get fixed.

Simtropolis is using both solutions, with donations to meet monthly goals and only a few malware-free and autoplay-free ads. Why not using this strategy, instead of having terrible ads and slapping this "whitelist us" shit on our face?

This doesn't make me want to white list you guys. If anything, this new pop up makes me want to keep Ad-Block on MORE than before.

If you would just make it so that the ads that are on the site are from trusted sites that donโ€™t load your PC with viruses/malware. THEN Iโ€™d turn Ad-Block off. Because frankly, I donโ€™t want a virus on my computer. Iโ€™m not exactly in a position to where I could get it fixed. (Since you know, Iโ€™m a bit low on money.)

Plus, as mentioned. Even the less harmful ones are very resource intensive. Causing major lag on weaker PCsโ€ฆ. Like mine. Plus, I just hate when ads have sound. Again, if theyโ€™d solve this issue. Iโ€™d have no problem turning off my Ad-Blocker.

However, if you keep doing this without any form of fixingโ€ฆ. Then I'm sorry, but you will lose traffic VERY fast. Casual site goers will be driven off by the infectious ads. And AdBlock users will likely get fed up with this pop up. And leave the site behind. It's a lose lose situation. No one wins here. So either get rid of this pop up. Or clean your ads up. It's your choice really.

Last edited Aug 16, 2017 at 07:39AM EDT

So outta morbid curiosity I check Brad Kim (you know the most hated person on kym right now) image gallery and his most up voted image is this

Oh what cruel ironyโ€ฆ his most liked image is about how annoying ads are, yet his lowest point is getting people to view adsโ€ฆ

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Ok, aww jeezโ€ฆ I've actually been using this site without an adblocker for the past few years (Though over the past month ive been increasingly tempted to get one). Then I go to sleep, and wake up to this having blown up like Little Boy, with all this talk about malware vectorsโ€ฆ.

How fucked is my laptop?

Carbonado wrote:

So outta morbid curiosity I check Brad Kim (you know the most hated person on kym right now) image gallery and his most up voted image is this

Oh what cruel ironyโ€ฆ his most liked image is about how annoying ads are, yet his lowest point is getting people to view adsโ€ฆ

Like they always say: You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Im just gonna say this one thing:having Avast Internet Security for me seems to reduce the amount of dangerous ads to zero,but they still slow the site down to a crawl,a problem for users of weaker internets like me.

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Hilarious that some of your autismoids are even bothering with this website anymore after being shafted by it so carelessly. Why bother trying to block the pop up?

TestingAnon wrote:

Greetings from 4chan, someone asked me to check the site.
First stop using adblock and shit like that, and install uBlock Origin, not no ublock, uBlock origin, they are different.
Install it, open it, click the gear icons to go to options.
Then go to my filters.
Copy/paste this:

Pastebin because i cant copy/paste it here because the formatting breaks and some characters are not allowed in this forum.
There, no more problems, if the site is broken or something tell me.

Update: Fixed white square popup.

Thank you based Anon.

To KnowYourMeme:

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Beatrice Santello wrote:

Thanks to ArchaicEX for creating this solution. You just need Stylish for this to work.

body { overflow: auto !important; }
.jquery-modal.blocker { display: none; }

I also thank ArchaicEX for the solution.
You don't need Chrome or Stylish for this to work, as you said. I'm still using firefox with the css enabled.

Here's how you can enable this in firefox:

Type in the web address bar "about:support" and go there.
You should find something like "Show Folder" or "Open Directory" under the Application Basics. Click that.

Go to the "chrome" folder. If it isn't there, make a new folder with said name.
Open with a text editor a file called "userContent.css". If it's not there, make it yourself and open it as said before.

Add ArchaicEX's code, and save.
Restart Firefox.

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Although, i have not problems with the site about Ads (hopefully i have not this thing of pop ads that appears from nowhere with spam and virus), but as I see in my experience about this, specially in some nsfw sites, i think that this is not a VERY intelligent idea to the userbase to whitelist, sorry KYM, if you want more money for your site maybe use PATRON like every other site use sometimes. And i thinked that this site have not will going to the ground with all the polarization that have now.

So first off thank you based 4chan-man your heroics will be remembered.

No I am utterly baffled as to who thought this was a good idea I can never even use the damn site on my phone with all the shitty ads I use adblocker so i don't have worry about my computer suddenly slowing down to load a shit ton of ads for shit and worse of all the auto play ads.

Also can someone explain to me what the fuck is beacuse it's the worst thing ever and I'm not sure why it exists or who thought it would be a good idea.

"None of this matters to you?"

Don't try to make me feel guilty, that's pathetic.

"Understandable, have a nice day."

That would have made sense if this banner was appearing once per day, not once per click. So, how about something like "enjoy your little time, cause I'll be back"?

Closing in on two hundred downvotes soon, we're at 190. Good lord, this probably outright revived some accounts from the dead just to make their hatred known. So if you wanted to revive the siteโ€ฆ mission accomplished I guess, even if just for a few days?

>Hey, we want you to disable your adblock so you can see these intrusive, malicious-software-infested ads that will give us money to run this site, and here's a shitty pop-up that shows up every time you load a page and obnoxiously covers 90% of the screen

I still like that it's somehow our fault that they don't want to get better ads to justify turning off adblockers.

Better non-intrusive ads, and the adblock goes off. That's all there is to it.

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