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[General] KYM Stock Speculation And Meme Economy General

Last posted Apr 02, 2017 at 04:23AM EDT. Added Apr 01, 2017 at 12:00AM EDT
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Well, here's some advice from me for those who want it:

Find some high-cost, constantly value gaining entries. Invest in those. They tend to slowly rack up value, it seems, so they're mostly secure.

Investing in entries that cost 1 coin has literally no risk. In the worst case scenario its value will go up and back down, in which case you have lost no money. Try to find a few things you think might go up that are at 1 coin and invest in them.

Outside of that, use the all transactions page to look for things that are currently hot. In the timeframe of about an hour a stock can go from 5 to 20 and back down to 10, so you'll want to keep a close eye on these ones.

Also, for those interested, there is a meme economy channel on our discord, if you want further discussion of stocks.

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Ric Te$l@ wrote:

I should have put more than 1 share into the Samurai Jack entry while I was still awake last night.

I should have dumped everything I had into it, is Samurai Jack the highest value meme right now? It's been hovering around 100 for a while now.

Ryumaru Borike wrote:

I should have dumped everything I had into it, is Samurai Jack the highest value meme right now? It's been hovering around 100 for a while now.

I personally have not seen an entry worth more than it.

The hype is very much real. The show delivered much better than any other show that got a reboot or continued from what I know of. So its definitely well earned its worth per share and I don't think the price will drop. Unless someone put a lot of shares on that entry since this started, and would start cashing all that in.

Lurker Boy wrote:

How does one profit?

buy low, sell high.

Speaking of which. I bought a stock in Samurai Jack, in the possibility that its value will boom tonight. I had to sell my Pony sock and part of my pokemon stock for it.

Tchefuncte Bonaparte wrote:

It's true you capitalist pig. If you were smart you'd invest in Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism or Comrade Jeb!

I invested in Full Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism on the ground floor when it first started booming.

I then sold my handful of shares when it took its first dip around the 20 mark, thinking it was about to bottom out.

Oh the Internet monies I could've made if only I had kept my shares!

We collaborated in the discord that was linked earlier, sharing our revelations. I hit 2.9k at my peak. Stoffe and Particle Mare broke 20k.

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A respectable 299 for me. My strategy was buying exactly two shares of everything, and picking only the ones that were 1/2 coins a pop at that moment and I thought had a shot at getting noticed and gaining traction. That especially panned out for me with Trollface, Spongebob and Rule 34. And in the end, I only invested a little over half of what I started out with. So I could've done even better.
In addition, I was under a misconception that Rivers corrects above, and so sold off everything I had at the end. I took a little bit of a hit from that, as when I was selling back the second of my two shares in a given stock its value would've dropped down by one due to me having just sold the first one previously. But here's the weird thing… only sometimes. Other times, it wouldn't change after selling the first, and would get the same out of the second. So now I'm really curious about the algorithm controlling the stock prices.


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