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KYM Pony General VIII: One Pony Away From a Cease and Desist

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Platus wrote:

I really like Starlight – and I agree that she's way stronger as a reformed villain than as an antagonist. She injected an interesting new dynamic in the show, helping to round off Twilight's character development while also introducing a new source of conflict.

Also, she helped make Trixie a regular character. And for that she is owed our undying gratitude.

Yeah, as a regular, Trixie is one of the funniest characters of the show.

All good stuff in new episodes, amusing or adorable character moments, new details on magic, and a new song.

Speaking of new song, that thing almost qualifies as "song of my people" material for the mane six. Someone get on that.

Anyways, why are all the spotlight magic users all adorable dorks? Twilight's a given, there's Starlight being an adorable dork to Twilight as if she's her mother, and Trixie is most oblivious little dork and its just so adorable seeing her like that.

I'm probably the only one around these lands who gives a damn about a certain name drop that happened in the scene when Twilight was reading a story to the foals at the hospital.

Grogar, from 1986 with love.

I must say, that one little reference, which was actually mentioned not once, not twice but four freaking times took me by surprise.

The way this goes, however, I suppose this one's gonna stick just like that: an allusion. But who knows? Back when Season 4 was airing, I once believed that it was impossible for Tirek to appear and, what happens? Full-on Dragon Ball on our flanks. Anything can happen these days after all.

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grimmore wrote:

Flurry is cute!


Now that I got that out of the way, pretty sweet episode, I must say.

I wonder if now that this episode aired, the "Destroyer of Worlds" memes will stop.

Tentacles wrote:

I wonder if now that this episode aired, the "Destroyer of Worlds" memes will stop.

I don't think that's how that works; she was introduced as a destructive force from being a child, and she's still a destructive force and its still because she's a child.

Granted, I do like some of the moments this time where she's more like "I'm helping" with a retort of "please stop helping", as opposed to last time where she was acting with very little situational awareness. Think of it as signs that she's going from newborn to toddler.

Meanwhile, I tried to watch it streamed live, only to realize I couldn't get through it without having to take breathers because of Diabetes… Or maybe its just because I have this weird part of me that flinches at the idea of dealing with a child.

Remember to sort and recycle your memes everyone, you never know when an old one will become relevant.

Stunthead wrote:

Oh hey, I'm pretty sure Spearhead is the same guard who appeared back in Rarity Investigates! I like that. I mean, it's pretty silly and small, but it's just… nice, right?

I think it is the same guard. Good eye!

I ended up having a vid-share session with another fan who just so happens to be in an RPG group I'm in, and we watched the Flurry of emotions episode. For me, for the second time, and I think for him it was the first.

He then said something in the middle of Twilight's rushing around.

"Can't she just teleport there?"

Latter, during the climax he said something, which despite him only having watched up to like… Season 3… Was quite prescient.

"If baby unicorns and Alicorns can cause this much trouble, why don't they just use some kind of magic restraint?"

It was roughly that point I thought to myself… "wait, didn't they already do that?"

One has to wonder how that "forbearance" spell works if Flurry is still doing magic, and apparently powerful magic. Is it just like a safety valve thing, where the magic isn't completely shut off, but won't act on accident?

Is it a case that if it was shut off completely it would be like the effects of Starlight bottling up her emotions but in reverse? As in, the magic can't get out when her emotions act up so she starts building up magic internally till she explodes.

I have so many questions now, all thanks to watching a show with other people.

This episode was absolutely delightful. Honestly, RD's parents were definitely over-the-top and Dash was partially right, but it was also really cute how much they love her. The episode was also pretty hilarious, particularly at the start with stuff like Scootaloo's screams, pasting the sandwich in the book, the door with sound effects…
Although, damn, between the way Scootaloo seemed to envy RD's parents and the end of the episode, I think the show is heavily implying something that until now was reserved for the fics…
Also… there's this…

Yeah… make your own conclusions.

Photo Finish is actually super cute with her glasses off.

Also, that meta joke at the start with Applejack saying "What?" again after the ad break was great. And my god, Strawberry Sunrise was fantastic. She only had five lines and they were great. She's like Minuette if Minuette was condescending as fuck.

Alright, First of all, I love Starlight, But her getting called by the map when there was no foreshadowing that it could call anyone but the mane 6, with the addition of being called alone, and being called to help the Royal sisters of all things felt definitely mary-sueish. On the other hand, it did end up making sense since she's the only one crazy and powerful enough to do something like switching the princesses cutie-marks. Ballerina-Twilight was nothing short of hilarious, as for the rest…
What an awesome episode. It was everything I wanted it to be. Finally the princesses get a good look to their lives. It wasn't particularly surprising since it was just an expansion of how they had been implied to truly be so far, but I'm still very happy it finally happened. Daybreaker also was quite the surprise.

I have two notes on Daybreaker: one is that, wow… Those eyes… They have a new unique Pupil… Probably going to end up using that for something… Once I figure out how to make it look presentable.

The other is to consider… You think the name might just be Glimmer's imagination? Like… Before that, I doubt that any pony would have considered the hypothetical name in verse. Heck, I doubt Celestia had an idea on what she'd call herself if that happened.

… Granted, if Celestia did end up using that name; I could easily blame Glimmer for giving her the idea.

Other than that… I'd just like to say it was amusing to have the sisters joke about talking to themselves as they watch over the night.

I'm a bit confused here, is it still hiatus or is it over? Usually i wait for the episodes to start here in Finland but i also try to follow and watch how it is going elsewhere but right now it seems like i have missed something here.

This fucking apple episode man.

I never knew an episode in a little girl show would make me choke up a little. Nothing came close to that in the show until now.

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Known Memes wrote:

I'm a bit confused here, is it still hiatus or is it over? Usually i wait for the episodes to start here in Finland but i also try to follow and watch how it is going elsewhere but right now it seems like i have missed something here.

Officially, it's still on hiatus. But then Australia went ahead and aired episodes 12 and 13, corresponding to those of Discordant Harmony and The Perfect Pear. Both are up in Dailymotion if you want to give 'em a shot.

You know… I just had a thought about the last episode of last season (The changeling episode) and I realized a key factor that the magic eating stone thing couldn't account for that a savvy unicorn could have exploited.

… It wouldn't be able to disrupt the velocity of a mundane object already accelerated to high speed by magic.

To imagine the kind of damage it could have done to the hive if they tried that, I want you to imagine the kind of damage a similar concept can do… That of a Railgun. Let's say, a Railgun being fired at a creature immune to energy blasts, but not kinetic projectiles. The end result is the same: physical projectile retains its velocity and momentum even without the energy source that provided it with velocity.

… And now suddenly I want to see images of ponies trying that. But that's currently not a thing, so here's EG Twilight with a Rail Gun.

there is a like 9 month timeskip between season 5 and 6
what happend in this time…
why isn't anyone talking about dis

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Rylade475 wrote:

Official trailer for the movie

HOLY SHIT! I think I just came a little. This. Looks. Amazing! I can't wait!

@The Rest of the thread since my last post:

I still haven't watched the rest of season 6 and none of season 7. I was going to catch up when they put season 6 on DVD, but that still hasn't happened. I guess I'm going to have to break down and watch it somewhere else. Does Netflix have it all now? I'm so far behind its not even funny. ;_;

Last edited Jun 28, 2017 at 10:16PM EDT

I liked the trailer. Animation looked a lot different and some scenes looked pretty odd or weird, one of them being the zeppelin.

But still, good trailer.
Also, those YouTube comments reminds me of the early years of this fandom.

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Tentacles wrote:

My god, it finally happened; They finally did a full "Take That" episode about the fandom. Not that is bad mind you, but you gotta see it to believe it.

I saw, and it was quite good.

They can consider their "that" well-taken.

So there's been some stuff released. Does anyone have any thoughts – either about the changeling episode, or the Spike episode, or the one that just got leaked?

Pharynx reminds me of my own brother… And from the beginning of the episode I had the feeling he was going to "have a good point, but is terrible at making it".

Putting aside that point to ponder how Starlight could have made her point better, she could have pointed out that continuing to treat a peaceful nation as an enemy is NOT a good way to keep the hive safe.

… She could have gone with a SAO abridged line as well, one by Asuna: "At least I pretend to be nice to people!"

Yeah… Doesn't make much sense for the species who feeds on love to be dicks now does it? Given they could probably get better mileage pretending to be nice to ponies than being dicks.

Its weird when both sides of a conflict are being idiots… The reformed changelings being fanatical pacifists was dumb. Weirdly the show made that point (weakly) so that I don't have to.

Honestly… Probably the one weird part of the episode was that Starlight/Trixie didn't get annoyed by the feeling's forum, or their lack of ability to assess threats or priorities. The flow there really could have benefited from a voice of reason between two extremes; and it would have felt like a more natural sequence of events.

Part of me wonders if the fact the feelings forum was included was essentially an attempt to say something about the "recent" state of things, only to be aborted because it might rub people the wrong way.

Overall the episode was quite good. Its a lot better than that episode where Spike tries to keep his friends from meeting; mainly since everypony involved didn't hog the crazy stick the whole time, they learned from the small mistakes they made quickly, and didn't drag out a feat of insanity for a whole episode.

Yeah, a lot of the episodes I consider "cringy" that make me take a while to watch are ones where they do something dumb and then double down on it.

Meanwhile, Trixie and Starlight make practically the best comedy duo of the show. Not in an absolutely hilarious way, but its just amusing to me every time I watch them for how they play off each other. Normally Starlight makes the perfect straight mare to Trixie's excitable ego, and when the common sense switch is flipped out of Starlight's position, Trixie's snarky nature makes her a great straight mare to Starlight's neuroticism that she inherited from Twilight.

So yeah, good episode, would watch again.

If I've not mentioned the campfire tails episode, then its probably because I don't really have much to say on the matter… Other than "Yay, now we know what Eastern Ponies look like!"

… Except they don't have the horns one might have expected. Which is fine I guess; though it does still leave the question of what kind of pony has the alternative configurations, such as having a pair of horns on the back of the head.

On the other hand… I'm not sure the show would actually do that, probably because that wouldn't exactly be a "Unicorn" so much as a "Bicorn"… And I'm pretty sure they don't want to muddy the waters of classification by doing that, or maybe just because they'd rather not use the word Bicorn, since it might sound silly.

So there’s been some stuff released. Does anyone have any thoughts – either about the changeling episode, or the Spike episode, or the one that just got leaked?

The Daring Do one feels like the weakest of the season so far. It was like a death by a thousand cuts--a lot of small continuity/plot issues (and one really big one) that just dragged it down. I think it'll only ever be remembered as "the one with with the waifu that had a guy's voice."

The changeling episode made me realize just how big a mistake the S6 finale was. The changelings, once the most unique and original thing Gen 4 came up with, have been reduced to pottery classes and being weaker and more fearful than the Flower Trio. They don't eat emotions, don't have a reason to shapeshift, and don't pose even the smallest of threats. They flushed one of the coolest things of the show down the toilet without even using it to its fullest.

The camping episode was disappointing because of how weak the stories were. No real lore that tied into the show, no allegories, no deep meaning (like the Celestia/Luna story being corrupted after a thousand years of retellings into sometihng different). just three unremarkable "here's a story that reflects a character trait they have" tales.

The Spike episode wasn't nearly as cringy as I thought it was going to be, so that's good. Otherwise it seemed like a pretty standard episode.

Well, even if the rest of the changelings have gone down the drain… There's still one changeling left who can…

… Do…


Honestly, I don't know what Chrysalis can really do at this point. Maybe she'll try ruining friendships, starting wars, and so on; all by pretending to be major figures.

Then again, "poor communication kills" is probably the most annoying habit I have with shows that try it. Because, evidently, if a lot of the ponies in the show were just open about their problems, this stuff wouldn't happen.

Really, I think if they went with such a petty Chrysalis revenge, the opening would have to quickly reach a point of "oh yeah, definitely chrysi's work" to not draw the lunacy out… Then I guess they may as well go mystery novel material and be like "Chrysy is in the castle… And we don't know who she's disguised as!"

… At least then they'd be justified in not trusting each other… THEY MIGHT BE CHRYSY!

With any luck it might end up like this:

Alright, so it's a week late so I won't bother hiding it on a spoiler tab but… Wow, a diseases that turns you into a tree… And since said tree transmits the disease from its flowers, it can extrapolated of as a Tree that reproduces by turning ponies (and maybe other creatures?) into other of it's species.
For some reason, I find this one of the creepiest things this show has done. On top of that, the fact that the cure is so little known adds some fridge horror to the whole thing.
There's also the fact of how this feels kinda meta, I mean, all bronies are well familiar with the "Fluttertree" meme that dates all the way back to season 1. So the revelation of a dangerous disease that turns you into a tree (and that Fluttershy contracts!) feels like the writers invoking the "funny aneurysm moment"= Trope.

So I haven't been in this thread in almost a year now (and with the slow ass pace of this Ponythread, about one page. Literally a page.) but I just HAD to come here because I was a bad person and watched the movie (It's good, I'm going with a group of 15 yeah 15, gonna be a riot in a few weeks. Makes up for me watching it once). Now of course there's going to be no spoilers but I just had to come here and say, holy fuck it finally happened. The My Little Pony movie. For six years, six fucking years like right after that fucking season finale for season 1 we went "Movie When?"

2012 happens and we start hearing whispers about a movie. Then soon the Sony hack happens and holy shit, I was terrified of this movie. For one, the head hancho of Sony Pictures was fucking Illiterate (Seriously, how did Amy Pascal make it so far up the ladder when she doesn't even know what language she's writing out.) and everyone being put in charge of this movie was…..just bad. But of course they also said they wanted to make it into a Smurfs movie! Starring Michael Cera as the live action human sidekick.

But now it's 2017, and the movie is here. Directed by MLP's OG director Jayson Thiessen and written by our girl Meghan McCarthy (yeah, that Ice Age writer is still credited but he got the story credit) and thank Xenu we got the main cast back….well most of them as it's obvious they really only wanted the Mane 6 and the new movie voice actors. And it didn't suck! I mean it's not fantastic but I had a great time watching it and I'll love watching it on the big screen.

Haven't REALLY been a part of the fandom for a while, I mean shit there's still a few episodes of season 6 I didn't watch and more than half of Season 7. But I made sure to drop everything I was doing to watch this just because of all the time I spent waiting for it. And it was worth it. I don't think it'll be something that gets all the awards or be considered one of the best animated movies of all time like an average Disney movie, but boy howdy, I got what I wanted out of it and it didn't suck. That's a 5/5 review from me!

Though I will say, there is a trope that's used to start the third act of the movie that I just HATE seeing in movies. Especially kids movies because it's always resolved after 2 minutes. Feels REALLY out of place like the distributors looked at Jayson and Meghan and said "Hey whoa, if you want this to be a REAL Hollywood movie you need an overused cliche'd trope here!" won't mention said trope because it'll be SPOILERS so I'll just say, you'll see it coming from a mile away like I did. Characters act out of character and just feels out of place and in all honesty they could've written around that and the movie would've gone down exactly the same except it would be 97 minutes and not 99 minutes.

Don't know if I'll stick around in this thread folks but I'll catch you all at the movies, and the Bluray release GOTTA MAKE SURE THIS MOVIE MAKES EVERY PENNY! CAN'T LET A NON DISNEY ANIMATED (mostly) 2D ANIMATED MOVIE FLOP!

Since I suspect there'll be a bit of an influx of chatter about the MLP movie, can I just say how much I liked Marks and Recreation?

Loved seeing Runble and Thunderlane come back and get some character development, Circle Pony was cute, the song rocked, and I don't know if I was just in a good mode or something but the jokes felt like they hit pretty consistently. (Like Sweetie yelling "YOU JUST HAIKU'D RIGHT THEN!" )

Oh, and they had a bratty little colt character who was endearing and kinda cute, not obnoxious. That's a hell of a balance to strike.

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so i watched talking horse the movie on the big screen…
and was it worth it waiting 3 years for it…

some thoughts

a few things
1. moondancer was in it, just a blink-and-you-missed-it scene
2. the soundtrack is awesome didn't really expect it
3. no discord sadly
4. the animation is different but it really gives the ponies more life
5. even the ponified edge tempest was likeable and the obivious heel-face turn at the end who could guess it
6. the Storm King is a tirek recolor
caramel has a brown mane not a black UNWATCHEABLE


so some other things
i always thought equestria is the whole world not just a land so luna and celestia aren't really the gods of everything in the pony world

also Capper is where ever the fuck he cames from suddenly likeable and why does the wears a jacket but no pants THIS IS A CHILDRENS MOVIE FFS

and the end
the storm king gets fucking killed. i mean not in the way sombra gots killed.
turned into stone and crushed.


but in the end an absolute great movie. the waiting was worth it.

Last edited Oct 06, 2017 at 02:08PM EDT

Well, it's not hard to make Rumble look cute because he's a trap :^)

I liked it, good humor, animation, amount of songs and it was nice to see more worldbuilding with the new places and creatures but… Too many characters, too little time.

Applejack and Fluttershy did nothing, Starlight was just a background pony, hippogryphs/seaponies did nothing (except Skystar), the princesses got worfed again, Discord only showed up in the credits and they completely forgot about the fifth alicorn. Also, Storm King is a goofy Tirek clone.

I noticed a lot of brazilian names in the credits, i guess this explains the "The Girl from Ipanema" song that plays when they go to Capper's house.

So… was this scene a Fighting is Magic reference!? I swear she did a "Be Right Back" followed by a "Cupcake Assault".

And this one looked straight out of a HotDiggedyDemon animation

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