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KYM Pony General VIII: One Pony Away From a Cease and Desist

Last posted May 19, 2022 at 09:55PM EDT. Added Jul 06, 2014 at 11:32AM EDT
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Ah yes, the evil pie hater Dash episode. Fun fact: They made a follow-up comic to it but it was published before the episode aired because reasons.

And here's part 4

One more thing, if you haven't already, watch the movie before the season 8 opener.

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Ah! And finally the final part!

RD was implying Sunset put that image there so it looked like Bulk was kissing her, right? Wow. First Big Mac gets shipped with everypony, now Sunset Shimmer is the new canon shipper. That is pretty funny tho. xD

Also that RD face is the perfect "I'm tired of this shit" look.

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Happy 8th anniversary! Still going with the ride. Even though things have slowed down a lot, it's still nice to see some content being made. Doors 3: The Finale was just uploaded to YouTube couple days ago and god damn they did great job with it and while i am sad to see that end now too, at least they wen't out with amazing finale. In my opinion, the best one out of those three's. Doors 2 is still blocked in my country though but i'm happy that i got it downloaded before it happened.

I'm happy that i have been on this ride since 2013 and i definitely don't have any plans on leaving it. Probably going to be stuck in this till the grave.

Wow! Happy anniversary! I can't believe it's been 8 years and this thread has been hobbling along for half that time! We gotta get these posting numbers up! These are rookie numbers!

Also, here's a video since it's been quite a while since one was posted!

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Amongus wrote:

im not crying. no im not

God, this is so sad, but in a way I'm happy. We know this show is going to get the sendoff it deserves, and an actual legit conclusion. That's been so rare in children's shows until just recently!

In a way, FiM has been a bridge between the old era of children's animation and the new one – both of a kind with Steven Universe, LoK, She-Ra, etc, and yet not quite. It accomplished so much, yet at the same time we can clearly see its age.

So I look at FiM ending as an opportunity for renewal, for growth and positive change. There's no way this is going to be the end of things, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Man, it's been a loooooooooooong time since I posted here.

Anyways, that new trailer gave me a lot of feels as well. However, I have a feeling that MLP: FiM will be going out with a bang, and I hope the last season will contain plenty of memorable and well-written episodes.

Well folks, Series Finale leaked. Remember, not everyone is going to watch My Little Pony with…..Eww, subs. Even if it's the OG English audio people will still probably wait to watch it when it airs in America (in a month or two). So if you come here to talk about it, and honestly with the speed of this thread you'll probably post this a year after the finale airs in North America, please make sure to spoiler tag your shit!

UnKewln00b wrote:

Well folks, Series Finale leaked. Remember, not everyone is going to watch My Little Pony with…..Eww, subs. Even if it's the OG English audio people will still probably wait to watch it when it airs in America (in a month or two). So if you come here to talk about it, and honestly with the speed of this thread you'll probably post this a year after the finale airs in North America, please make sure to spoiler tag your shit!

Also, it'd be nice if some of the thread regulars came in once it's out to post their thoughts. This has been a wild-ass ride and, as much as things have slown down, seeing it all come to an end it still gonna get me a bit teary-eyed.

So after weeks and weeks of avoiding spoilers…..In one foul swoop in the last three days or so I have been bombarded by spoilers for the final 3 episodes everywhere I went. I wasn't even trying, suddenly people are spoiling the twist, people are posting pictures of the final scenes of the series. So I bit the bullet and I watched the goddamn finale.

No spoilers obviously. But… was what I thought it would be. Definitely not a disappointment like say…..Fucking Adventure Time…..God I hate that finale……..But this one was nice. Honestly it is a very somber moment for me right now because when I think about it, this is really the first almost decade long show I've watched since the beginning (started watching on episode 10 of Season 1) through the end. Any other show that's lasted a decade or so are shows that I watched reruns of, and the other decade+ shows I've watched since the beginning are still going. So yeah this really struck a chord with me, t'was but a cringe filled 20 year old, not even old enough to drink (and fuck you, I was a good kid and didn't drink until I was legal!) and now I'm sitting here with a respectable career, a family of my own sleeping while I'm over here wiping away a few tears because the last few minutes of this fucking show got to me and now I need a beer.

And goddammit the most tragic part is all the people I once shared great memories with in this fandom are long gone. A few straggle here and there but it feels like I came back from the war after the trees started speaking Vietnamese and now all my war buddies are dead. So many stories but no one to remember them. I guess in the end the name of this thread couldn't be any more fitting because in the end we got our Cease and Desist, but by god, we got our one last hurrah!

So to all of you who aren't here anymore, I fucking love you guys, I'll never forget our chatrooms where we just streamed marathons of episodes and pony videos, our never ending faggotry on these threads, the Twilicorn drama. And to those of you who haven't seen the finale yet, I hope you all fucking enjoy it in a few weeks. You earned this ending.

So if I, a human, was gallivanting nude around Sweet Apple Acres, and Big Mac came up and penetrated my pussy with his massive hoss wang, would that imply mutual consent on both parties?

Asking for a friend who may be facing some legal trouble soon.

Blue Yoshi wrote:

Seems like this thread is no longer active with the MLP: FiM series having ended a few months ago.

It's conceivable that some other news could come up – but yeah we aren't exactly doing Season 2 numbers here.

On the other hand, we are getting a new gen at some point, and there are still comics.

So I guess the question is: do we retire Pony General VIII and just start a new one when the new gen begins, or do we let this one linger in the background, like some kind of frozen virus, ready to burst forth and infect the site with pony again?

Given how important these threads have been to a lot of people, I think there should be some sort of discussion about that question. Me or some other mod laying down the law would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

So you are saying that the "verbose" walls of text have some how declined and the ones that used to have fun and post memes here have abandoned the thread?
If only there was someone who could post memes and keep this thread alive?

If you watch it like an alternate universe without taking it too seriously then it can be fun.

It does have some contradictions with FiM lore like a talking cat that's not an Abyssinian, Fluttershy acting out of character and they all have tablets now because kids that can't live without their smartphones are their target audience.

Also the animation looks cheap like this cake tower vector:

Can't say I know anything about the new pony series. You could just have easily have told me this was the new pony series, and I'm not sure I'd disbelieve you.

Also, Pony General is still here?? I mean, not especially active, but it's here. I admit I haven't checked forums much since before I was in law school (and I'm now a few years out), but I honestly wasn't sure whether Pony General had wrapped up or not after all these years.

Obviously, 6 years on a single thread is still a far cry from when a thread would hit 200 pages in just two or three months (I forget which one had the record of being the fastest to close?), but still.

Regarding Pony Life, way back before it even hit the internet collective consciousness, I took it as something entirely separate from the prime universe, like an alternate universe if you will: some things will remain the same and others, of course, will be different. One thing's for sure, I love it for how batshit crazy it is.

I must admit, however, that Pinkie Pie's story that he had a secret brother that got lost in Baba Yaga's hut before it was cut abruptly in the micro episode of Death of a sales pony certainly took me by surprise, in a funny way.

Derpy Vaz wrote:

it all started here Feb. 11, 2011 with:

Discuss ponies.

And memes, if you must.

Even better: Memes as ponies.

Let's post some memes as ponies. For old time's sake.

Stunthead wrote:

I am is have become are a YouTuber

You should be a VTuber!

Are there any pony VTubers yet? If these channels were a thing eight years ago there 100% would be.

You should become the first!

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