Ackchyually / Actually Guy

Ackchyually / Actually Guy

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Ackchyually refers to an illustration of a neckbeard in which the word "actually" is intentionally misspelled so the reader reads it in the phlegmy cadence associated with nerd culture stereotypes. It is usually used as a reaction image to humorously express doubt at hopeful captions.


While it's unclear where the image first appeared, the earliest known use of "ackchyually" appeared on Funnyjunk on April 2nd, 2012[1] in a comment by pawnderp on a fan thread about dolan.



For the next four and a half years, the image was used sparingly and sometimes self-deprecatingly by commenters correcting information in comment threads. It also regularly appeared on 4chan [3] during this time period, but the "Ackchually" picture did not gain massive exposure until November 2nd, 2016, when a 9GAG post[2] married the picture with the caption "Me: says anything. Internet:" (shown below). As of November 15th, 2016, the post has over 25,000 points.

Me: +says anything Internet: ACKCHYUALLY

After that post, "Ackchually" memes began appearing regularly on iFunny. [4]

Various Examples

Nurse: Sir, you have been in a coma for a week. Patient: l'm just happy I am not getting deported. Nurse: Ackchyually ifunny.ce Reason #0022 why we need Hillary She's proved nobody can tand up to Republicans better than she cgn. ACKCHYUALLY funny. i.ce When theres a month old post saying trump has no chance of winning ACKCHYUALLY ifunny.C Trump: I respect women Me: ACKCHYUALLY ifunny.ce Me: "THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS" ACKCHYUALL ifunny.Ce Grandparents: "You're so handsome! 1Ibet you ha Me: ve loads of girls! ACKCHYUALLY ifunny.c

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