Aka-san / Gedō Beibī (外道ベイビー)

Aka-san / Gedō Beibī (外道ベイビー)

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Aka-san (Japanese : 赤さん, lit. Mr. Baby) or Gedou Baby (外道ベイビー) is a series of exploitable image macros featuring a picture of smiling American baby and a caption that typically ends with the catchphrase "Masani Gedou!" (まさに外道), which roughly translates to "Downright Heresy!" in English. The joke usually consists of three parts: 1) a benign introductory statement disguised in gentleness and warmth; 2) a snippy or highly discouraging statement aimed at the reader; 3) the punchline "Downright Heresy," which implies "shame on you." The humor is derived from the juxtaposition between the baby's innocent smiling face and outrageous captions.


The original photograph of baby Stephen Rout was posted on his father Allen Rout's website on March 19th, 2000.[1]

According to several Japanese sources, the earliest instances of Gedo Baby were initially posted on the Japanese imageboard Futaba Channel (2chan) circa late 2004, with Stephen's picture superimposed over an illustration from the popular Japanese comics Hell Stadium.[2]

てめーらには いおしえてやんねー! くそして24 ねろ聽, まさに 外道
"Not like I'm gonna tell you jackasses!!!!!!" / ""Take a sh*t and hit the sack!!!!!!"

"Masani Gedou"

In Japanese, "Masani Gedou" is a colloquial expression reserved for the most condemnable situations and often associated with masculine characters portrayed in mangas and films (ex: Yakuza members). While the word Gedou literally means "way of the outside" as in non-Buddhist or unorthodox, it can be also used as a derogatory term meaning "demon" or "bad person."


The meme was imported to 2channel and exploded in 2channel's /news4vip/ (Breaking news: VIP) board, where it spawned hundreds of iterations exploring various subject topics, such as video games and internet culture, as well as black comedy involving personal despairs like unemployment and prolonged bachelor life. According to Google Insights, the popularity of baby macro series surged in the summer of 2005; there's an archive collection of the images uploaded by a 2channel user on August 22nd, 2005.[4]

By early 2006, its frequent usage on high-traffic imageboards led to the launch of "Gedo Baby image macro generator" further boosting its propagation.[5] In 2007 Aka-san reached its prime through photoshopped variations. It was also used as a censor bar in wrestling remixes on Japanese hubsites and blogs such as Nico Nico Douga (NND) and GeoCities.[6] The NND Wiki entry for "Gedo Baby" was submitted on May 24th, 2008.[7]

Father's Discovery

On July 27th, 2010, Reddit user NinjaBob posted a thread titled "My son is a meme"[8] (direct link[9]) which was then picked up by BoingBoing on the same day.[10] On July 29th, parenting blog The Bad Moms Club made a blog post titled "Parenting in the 21st Century: When Your Kid Is Big In Japan.".[11] On August 2nd, another parenting blog DadWagon interviewed Stephen, now ten years old, about his internet fame overseas.[12]

Various Examples

まあ気にするな 女なんて星の数ほど いるさ 星に手は 届かない けどな! 6ー-(外道
"Don't sweat it. There's as many women out there as there are stars."

"… Not that you'll be able to reach the stars!"

へぇ$この写メの子供が お前の息子か$ え? ポッチャリしててはずかしい? んなことねーって! やせ過ぎのガリガリよりは 健康的でイイじゃん-- で、いつ 出荷するの このブタ?d外道
"Wow, the boy in this picture is your son. What? you're ashamed of your biggum son ? No way! That’s better than being scrawny; he looks healthy!"

"So, when is this pig shipped out?"

どうせお前のことだから また今日の夕飯も コンビニ弁当なんだろ? そうだと思って天ぷら 揚げといてやったぜ 美味そうだろ? お前の グッピー! 外
"Being you, your dinner tonight's just going to be some convenience store bentou, am I right? So I went and fixed you up some tempura. Doesn't it look delicious"

"… your fried GUPPIES!"

ペヤング食うんだろ? お湯入れといて やったぜ 3時間前 I Jな!! まさ 外
"Off to go eat that cup noodles, I bet. I've already poured in the hot water for you."

"… 3 HOURS ago!"

外, 道 奥さん、 お忙しいところ悪いけど あんたのお宅の 天井裏で. 忍者が 死んで ますよ ま さ
"Hi, missis. Sorry for addressing you when you're busy. But, in your house's attic…"

"There 's a dead ninja!!!"

お前自分に自信持て って! ほらお前いいとこ 月しし 例えばほら、例えば ま ごめんやっぱ ◆きもいわ 外 道
"Be proud of yourself! Hah! you have many good points ! For example… example… lemme see…"

"Sorry, you're nothing but a creep."

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