Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands

Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands

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Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands refers to a photograph of former professional football player Anthony "Spice" Adams dressed in a yellow jacket, peeking from behind a tree, rubbing his hands and licking his lips. Online, the photograph has gained popularity as a reaction image.


On December 27th, 2017, former professional American football player Anthony "Spice" Adams posted a humorous story titled "The Love Story of Leon Lemons" together with a series of photographs of himself and his family to Twitter and Facebook.[1][2] The posts gained over 30 retweets and 260 shares in two years, respectively.

Leon was told by a PYT (Pretty Young Thang) that if he cut his hair he might have a chance with her. LL cut his hair immediately upon hearing about his chance. He went searching for that PYT high and low. When he found her, he pursued her and reminded her of what she said. He began to spit thee most firest game known to man to take advantage of his chance. The PYT wasn't buying it. This dissertation of gamage wasn't enough to crack the code. As the day went on, LL seemed to steadily chip away at the cold shoulders of PYT. His last line of "If I get witchoo, I'll make you see flowers grow out of the snow" got her!!!! All of LL's hard work, all of his feeble attempts with the juiciest curl have finally come to fruition. He had been climbing this mountain for years!!! Finally LL had cracked the code!! PYT agreed to a relationship. Then she hit LL with a whopper. PYT stepped back, told all of her kids to come out of the minivan!! 1! - 2! - 3! - 4!!!! 4 kids!! LL didn't budge!! He didn't waver at all. He stood firmly 10 toes down. LL took a deep breath and took a quote from the great theologian E-40 and with his chest stuck out he said, "Oh I'll clothe and feed dem kids." They lived happily ever SUPER 1So'S HAND TALORED


On Twitter, the image has been used as a reaction image at least since January 2018, sometimes used in Horny on Main posts. For example, on January 16th, 2018, Twitter user @Czohmfeka used the image as a reaction.[3] In September and October 2018, the image saw an increase in use on the platform.[4][5]

On April 16th, 2019, unknown Reddit user posted the first meme based on the image, gaining nine upvotes.[6] The format did not see any notable examples until on July 5th, 2019, when Redditor dcxr posted a meme which gained over 73,000 upvotes in twelve days (shown below).[7]

EA: We changed the number on the cover FIFA fans:

In the following days, the format saw extensive use on the platform, with notable posts appearing in /r/dankmemes,[8] /r/attackontitan [9] and other subreddits.

Tree Identification And Location Discovery

On November 29th, 2023, Rainbolt posted a video to Instagram (and also to TikTok) walking viewers through his process to discover the exact location where the meme image of Anthony Adams rubbing his hands behind the tree was taken. The post received almost 1.2 million likes over the course of a day and a half (seen below).[10] The video established that the location of the meme was the Daniel Wright Woods Forest Preserve in Illinois, USA.

Various Examples

300,000 people: Sign up to raid Area 51 The Internet Historian: Me: *Watches one weird youtube video* Youtube Recommended Algorithm: Companies: Buy this for $20 People: w-- no Companies: Ok, how about for $19.95 People:
My limbs: *exist* Mosquitos: Innocent girl: *has panties on' Kazuma:



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