Apu Spills His Tendies meme depicting pepe the frog crying and laying on the floor after spilling his tray of food, with a ominous shadow looking down on him.

Apu Spills His Tendies

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Apu Spills His Tendies or Apu Spills His Nuggies is a reaction image of Apu Apustaja sprawled across the floor, tendies and other fast food spilled in front of him, covered with a shadow of a bully who pushed him. In May 2021, the image gained popularity in memes online, with users pairing it with images of various characters looking down on Apu as they'd be seen from Apu's perspective.


On March 25th, 2021, an anonymous 4chan[1] user posted an image of Apu Apustaja, a poorly drawn variation of Pepe the Frog, shown sprawled across the floor with a dropped tray of fast food lying next to him to /biz/ board. A shadow of a bully who pushed Apu and caused him to fall and spill his food is falling upon Apu's face (image shown below). This is the earliest found public post of the image online.


Starting in late March 2021, the image received viral spread on 4chan, with users on /b/,[2] /x/,[3] /ck/[4] and other 4chan boards using it in their posts.

On May 12th, 2021, Facebook[5] page EDGE KEY ミラー posted a two-panel meme that combined the image with an image of six Asian women looking down at the camera (a promotional image from a Japanese adult film), giving the impression that the women were the ones who pushed Apu. The post gained over 1,700 reactions and 1,600 shares in two weeks (shown below).

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In the following days, the image received further spread online, including reposts on Facebook,[6] in the /r/MAAU[7] and /r/blursedimages[8] subreddits and on Twitter.[9]

Starting on May 13th, users on social media created derivative memes following the format. For example, on that day, Twitter[10] user @ivanramosky posted a meme that combined the image with a still image from the Spanish comedy series Aquí No Hay Quien Viva, with the post gaining 17 retweets and over 100 likes (shown below, left). On May 16th, 2021, Twitter[11] user @kirbcen posted a Street Fighter meme that received over 140 retweets and 840 likes (shown below, right).

The format maintained a notable presence in mid-to-late May 2021, with the image also being used in other ways. The format achieved viral popularity in 2021 with multiple redraws and remakes posted on social media.

Penis Shadow

Penis Shadow refers to a series of memes based on a 3D image of an elven woman with a shadow of a large penis falling onto her face, as well as other similar images. Online, memes imagining which objects could cast the shadow have been circulated.

Boob Shadow

Boob Shadow refers to a series of reaction images in which a shadow of large human breasts is cast upon the faces of various characters, most notably Apu Apustaja. The format has often been used for the purpose of hornyposting.

Elden Dave @DaveOshry She Hulk trailer: Me: 6:17 PM - May 17, 2022. Twitter for Android :

Various Examples

JohnMarstonGremista anprim gf @davis_lunch ... im an empath so this photograph almost brings me to tears. he looks so upset 12:03 AM · May 20, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
Hey man, that was a nasty fall. need a hand?


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