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Bagel Boss is the nickname given to Long Island resident Chris Morgan, who gained much online notoriety after appearing in a viral video of himself going on a misogynistic rant about his height and dating before getting tackled by another customer. In July 2019. Morgan went on to gain a substantial Twitter following and agreed to fight another viral star in an Atlantic City boxing match on September 7th, 2019.


On July 10th, 2019, Twitter user @oliviabradley88 posted a the original video of the altercation saying, "so in bagel boss this morning, the misogynistic douchebag seen in the video was degrading almost all of the female staff as well as other patrons. fuck this guy" (shown below). The video gained over 226,100 likes and 48,200 shares in a day.


On July 10th, 2019, Twitter user @girlsreallyrule uploaded another video of the fight after Morgan was tackled (shown below). The video gained over 2,100 likes and 400 retweets in a day.

That same day, one of the girls who filmed the original video went on Instagram live using @diana.genesis's account to explain what happened saying that he was apparently mumbling under his breath in line about bad service and then he blew up when he thought one of the female workers smirked at him. Twitter[6] users began responding to the original video noting their favorite moments and ways that the situation could have been different. Twitter user @ibejac[1] said that "This man needed ONE caring person to descalate. He’s obviously in pain" (shown below, left). The tweet gained over 4,500 likes. Twitter user @marvinvenis[2] tweeted a labeled image of the holy trinity saying, "The REAL Holy Trinity according to the Bagel Boss guy" (shown below, right). The post accumulated over 4,800 likes and 820 retweets in a day. Cheezburger[7] posted a list of Twitter user reactions.

Khalil Wack @marvinvenis The REAL Holy Trinity according to the Bagel Boss guy MY BOSS MY FATHER GOD 1:23 PM 10 Jul 2019

YouTube Account

On July 11th, 2019, Twitter user @muwurder[3] tweeted, "boss bagel guy has a youtube channel where he goes to be extremely racist, antisemitic, misogynist and stupid as all get out in public with his real actual name attached. somebody ruin this mans life" (shown below).

As of July 11th, Chris Morgan has uploaded over 30 videos and 1,300 subscribers many of which are of arguments with various people. Over the last two years he has posted a video of an altercation with a 7/11 worker (since deleted), a woman in line for the bathroom (since deleted), a librarian (since deleted) and a woman who wanted to go home after a date with him (shown below). eBaum's World[5] uploaded a report on his YouTube account.

Chris Morgan's Response

The Daily Mail UK[4] received a long statement from Chris Morgan in which he says he was "glad" the video went viral and things like "I'm just not tolerating this any more. Some of those girls found it funny. That's why I have resentment towards women. I find them all to be stupid, gold digging liars." According to the report, "proclaimed himself a 'prophet' and also referred to himself as 'the modern day Martin Luther King.'"

In the week following the viral tweet, various media outlets like Eater[9] and New York Post[8] sought out Chris Morgan for comment. They concluded that Morgan is divorced and lives in a van in a parking lot deli. Chris Morgan also began posting to Twitter and Instagram in attempt to sell t-shirts but both accounts have since been suspended.

Atlantic City Fight

On July 15th, 2019, Chris Morgan signed a contract with fighting promoter Damon Feldman arranging an Atlantic City boxing match in September with another viral sensation and possibly Antoine Dodson. According to TMZ,[10] Chris Morgan is set to make five to six figures on the fight.

On August 16th, Sports Gambling Podcast[11] confirmed that Chris Morgan will fight against Lenny "Nails" Dyktra on September 7th in Atlantic City.

Casino Fight

On August 18th, 2019, Chris Morgan uploaded a video titled, "Clout Chasers" to YouTube in which he gets in a verbal and physical fight with a man at a Casino. In the description, Morgan states, "These girls called me up 2:30am begging me to come to the casino to hang out just to play fucking mind games and have their uncle try to start shit with me!"

That same day, Keemstar retweeted Chris Morgan's video saying, "Bagel Boss in another fight!!!!!" (shown below). The tweet gained over 13,400 likes and 2,100 retweets in a day.

On August 19th, Chris Morgan[12] replied to Keemstar's tweet saying, "You're a legend! Are you going to have me on your show OR WHAT? #DramaAlert" (shown below, left). The tweet garnered 250 likes that day. That same day, @spanishbawbiee_[13] also replied to the tweet saying, "That was me in the video and stevo the guy that punched him was defending me because he kept asking me for a kiss lml" (shown below, right).

Chris "Bagel Boss" Morgan @ChrisMorganThe1 Replying to @KEEMSTAR Thanks for the RT @KEEMSTAR. You're a legend! Are you going to have me on your show OR WHAT? #DramaAlert 12:25 AM Aug 19, 2019 Twitter Web App @spanishbawbiee_ Replying to@KEEMSTAR and @ChrisMorganThe1 That was me in the video and stevo the guy that punched him was defending me because he kept asking me for a kiss Iml 1:39 AM Aug 19, 2019 Twitter Web App

Various Examples

Julia @fumble_pie Bagel Boss guy and Scared Hamster exude the exact same energy 4:43 PM 10 Jul 2019 juice wayne @visecs Bagel Boss: (-) you're not god \_-) or my father (_-) )> or my boss 4 seconds later 2:56 PM 10 Jul 2019 Covfefe Jones- King Of Shade @King_Of_Shade Bagel Boss: You're not my God. You're not my Father. You're Not my Boss The Holy Trinity be like: Hello, Li'l Bi*@h!!! 3:37 PM 10 Jul 2019 Donald Rosner @donaldrosner A MESSAGE FROM BAGEL BOSS: After todays incident everyone is ok! Use caution on dating sites and anyone who comes into our locations and mentions this video can get a FREE MINI BAGEL!!!!!!! Barstool Sports @barstoolsports The Angriest Little Man In New York Berates All The Women In "Bagel Boss" Because He's 5 Feet Tall And Nobody Will Date Him On Dating Sites 11:38 AM 10 Jul 2019 Angle's Landing @sthmrll Already got my Bagel Boss Guy halloween costume lined up 1:48 PM 10 Jul 2019 Treymond Green @TreymondGreen Bagel Boss has decided to place this sign in front of all stores tomorrow. YOU MUST BE THIS TALL TO ORDER A BAGEL 3:25 PM 10 Jul 2019

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Hyval  the Emolga
Hyval the Emolga

Everybody here just reveling in how stupid he is

And here I am feeling sorry for the guy. Maybe he had a hard lot in life before-- but goooossshhh is it about to get twenty times worse for him.

And after all of it he's probably still not gonna change.


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