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Blanche is the leader of Team Mystic in the mobile video game Pokémon GO. In 2019, the Pokémon GO blog appeared to confirm that the character is of non-binary gender, as a post about Blanche used they/them pronouns to describe the leader.


Blanche was announced alongside Candela and Spark, the leaders of Team Valor and Team Instinct, respectively, at San Diego Comic Con on July 24th, 2016.[1]

Candela BlancheY Spark Y Blanche 에 Instinct GO


The character appeared in fan art and Pokémon GO Appraisals memes over the following several years (examples shown below). While the character was popular as a team leader, they were not necessarily moreso than Candela and Spark.

Your d--- is tinier than any we have on record Astounding. Oddish HP 20/20 Grass/Poison 4.39 0.44m Overall, your uh, onion.? is above average. "Blanche doesn't know what an oddish is" S S N SHARPASCE

Non-Binary Confirmation

The character has long been subject to questions about their gender, as Pokémon had never confirmed their gender unlike Candela and Spark. This intensified following an August 5th, 2019 tweet by the Pokémon GO Twitter account which listed traits about Blanche but did not specify the character's gender (shown below).[2]

Pokémon GO @PokemonGoApp Meet Blanche Team Mystic leader Cool headed, analytical, and serious Does not take jokes well Fascinated by Pokémon Evolution Loses track of time when doing research Let's make Blanche proud during the Global Challenge, Trainers! #TEAM Mystic 9:30 PM Aug 5, 2019 Spredfast

This led to speculation that the character was perhaps non-binary. This appeared to be confirmed in an October 26th, 2019 post on the Pokémon GO blog, when the post, written from the perspective of Professor Willow, used they/them pronouns to discuss Blanche.[3] The passage read, "Blanche became visibly upset, which tends to happen when things don’t go to their carefully curated plans" (emphasis added). Pink News[4] first reported on the apparent confirmation, and it was then picked up by GamesRadar[5] and Daily Dot.[6] The news was celebrated on Twitter. User @rowrowrowan tweeted in praise of how the post didn't make a big deal of the character's gender (shown below, left). User @EvieGHJ noted how "Blanche" means "white" in French and white is representative of NB people in the trans pride flag (shown below, right).

Rowan Quinain @rowrowrowan Can we talk about the fact that Blanche identifies as "they/them" and is canonically the first non-binary character in Pokemon canon, and they didn't have to make a big deal out of it? This the kind of inclusivity i like. Evie @EvieGHJ So, uh, Pokémon GO just went and used singular they for Blanche's pronouns. In an in-universe story. Which is doubly appropriate because Blanche, while a real name, means white, aka the non-binary color on the trans pride flag. So...Team Mystic says Trans rights:) 8:40 AM Oct 27, 2019 Twitter for iPad

Fan Art

So... Are ou a boy or a girl? I 'm Dlanche ok, but what's between your legs hidding from Conde Spark, aieryn tumbl Follow AMEM LORD LESBIAN so these are basically the pokemon go team leaders right #pokemon go #team valor #team mystic #team instinct #pokego #candela blanche #spark #eryn's art #pokemon #blanche is nb and no one can tell me otherwise 31,357 notes vaanrose @vaanrose Follow Take no prisoners#PokemonGO #TeamMystic 12:24 AM 25 Jul 2016 다 605 690 APOREON LOOKS LIKE S--- UGLY HORRIBLE. POOR THING LMAO - HAHA THIS LOoks HIGH AS F--- HEY. IMYE TE IT'S BEAUTIFUL WE LOVE IT

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