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DABIRDINDANORF, also known as The Bird in the North, is a catchphrase used by some members of the Pokémon GO Mystic team to identify each others. The slogan originated from a crossover ode to the Game of Thrones and Pokémon universes on Reddit's /r/PokemonGo community in July 2016.


DABIRDADANORF started on the /r/PokemonGO subreddit with a post[1] made by reddit user stringerbellsprout on July 7th, 2016 which read:

'Blue team knows no team but the bird in the North, whose name is Articuno."

"Your team was butchered at the Red Wedding, MysticLuver6969, but you refused the call," "You swore allegiance to Team Mystic, PokeBluBoy, but in our hour of greatest need, you refused the call." "And you, LordMystic, your gym was skinned alive by Team Instinct. Still you refused the call. But Blue Team remembers. The North remembers. We know no team but the bird in the North whose name is Articuno. I don't care if he's an Ice bird. Lugia's blood runs through his veins. He's my bird from this day until his last day."

In the comments section, Redditor Mitclax replied to the original post with "DABIRDADANORF," which quickly became endorsed as an unofficial motto of the Mystic team.


Many members of the /r/PokemonGO and /r/PokemonGOMystic communities[2] asked that this be the "official" motto for Team Mystic, but due to the community being divided and no official motto being released by Niantic or Pokémon GO, the subreddit decided not to select an official motto.

However, #dabirdindanorf has now become a fairly common Team Mystic hashtag across social media.[3][4]

Various Examples

8:13 AM POKÉMON 89/250 EGGS 9/9 p914 cP 801 CP 750 Blue Team Knows no CR 47 CP 690 cP 590 Team But the Bird cP 577 cP 539 CP525 In the North CP 524 cP 515 cp478 Whose Name is Articund CP cp465 CP HOUSE MYSTIC OESERVE. ADAPT. EVOLVE DABIRDINDANORF DABIRDINDANⓛRF DABIRDADANORF! permalink embec 1 stringerbellsprout - DABIRDADANORF [S] 184 points 17 days ago DABIRDADANORF!!!! permalink embed parent I-1 CaptainCaprice 115 points 17days ago permalink embed parent I tylaralyt 99 points 17 days ago - permalink embed parent [1 xxmrscissorsxx 89 points 17 days ago permalink embed parent Markley628 75 points 17 days ago permalink embed parent Medaled 78 points 17 days ago permalink embed parent jthom218 76 points 17 days ago permalink embed parent Alighten 69 points 17 days ago permalink embed parent BrotherNick 65 points 17 days ago MYSTIC THE BLUE TEAMKNOWS NO TEAM BUT THE BIRD IN THENⓛRTH. WHⓛSE NAME IS ARTICUNⓛ BLUE TEAM KNOWS NO BIRD BUT THE BIRD IN THE NORTH mgffip.com

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