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Cala Maria

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Cala Maria
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Cala Maria


Cala Maria is a boss in the run-and-gun platforming game Cuphead. A nautical boss, Cala Maria cycles through several forms which reference various myths and artworks, including mermaids, the Venus de Milo, and Medusa.


Cala Maria is a boss in Cuphead, which was released September 29th, 2017.[1] She appears on Inkwell Isle 3 in the stage "High Seas Hi-Jinks!"[2] She has three phases: in the first she appears as a mermaid and uses sea creatures as weapons. In the second, she appears as the mythical creature Medusa with attacks that turn the player to stone, and in her final phase, appears as solely Medusa's head.


After the release of the game, Cala Maria was the subject of much Cuphead fan art playing up her flirtatious nature. On DeviantArt, there are 480 results that appear when searching "Cala Maria" as of October 19th, 2017.[3] There is also a high amount of fan art on Tumblr. [4] On October 9th, Reddit user ROSpolsha[5] uploaded an image to /r/cuphead referencing Cala Maria's attractiveness, gaining over 170 points (shown below). Imgur user koederoktopus[6] created a gallery celebrating how Cala Maria appeared Extra THICC.


Mugman/Cala Shipping

A large part of the Cala Maria fandom centers around fans shipping her with Mugman, Cuphead's partner and who the second player plays in co-op mode. One of the earliest shippers of the two characters was DeviantArt artist KarlaDraws14. On June 21st, 2017, she posted a comic in which Cuphead and Mugman approach Cala Maria in their planes, but Mugman is taken with the fact she is giant (shown below). KarlaDraws14 created several more pieces shipping Mugman and Cala Maria.[7]

Prepare Brother,This will be intense Bruh? GIANT WOMEN arlaDraws14/Orlima

Many future pieces of fan art contributed to the Mugman/Cala ship, often emphasizing Mugman's affinity for large women (examples shown below).

olly, CuPhea ht GIRL SURE iS a reaL LookeR 0 SHE'S RYiN To KiLL CHOMP I'm off to f--- the mermaid mermaid p---- too strong iBrother! iI have news for you! I'm in LOVE! That's Great cAnd who is the irl? -well... that's the bad new. ok? like that? Well... She is a... Enemy hat Thel? Who is She!? Well, to give you an idea i like "Big Girls" Big 19 Girls? HOLY SATAN rlaDraws14/Orlimar

Various Examples


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Tags: cuphead, boss, animated, mermaid, medusa,

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