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King Dice

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King Dice is a villainous character in the run-and-gun platformer game Cuphead. Since the game's release, the character has been depicted in numerous examples of fan art and various meme templates.


King Dice appears in Cuphead, which was released September 29th, 2017.[1] He plays the devil's right hand man and the gatekeeper to the devil, only allowing the protagonists to pass him when they have defeated every boss prior to him. Notably, in his area, "The Die House," a jazz song plays (shown below). He also is the game's penultimate boss.

I'm Mr. King Dice, I'm the gamest in the land.
I never play nice, I'm the Devil's right hand man!
I can't let you pass, 'cuz you ain't done everything.
Bring me those contracts, c'mon, bring 'em to the King!
If you haven't finished your task, haven't worked assiduously,
I cannot let you pass, don't you mess with me!
Don't mess with King Dice.
(Don't mess with King Dice!)
Don't mess with me.
(Don't mess with him!)
Don't mess with King Dice.
(Don't mess with King Dice!)
Don't mess with me!
I'm Mr. King Dice, heed just what I say.
The Devil has his price, and I'll make sure you pay!
Don't have time to mess 'round, and I hope you will agree.
Bring me those contracts, pronto! Don't you mess with me!
Don't mess with King Dice!
(Don't mess with King Dice!)
Don't mess with me!
(Don't mess with him!)
Don't mess with King Dice!
(Don't mess with King Dice!)
Don't mess with me!


Shortly after the game's release King Dice became a prominent figure in the Cuphead fandom. People quickly commented on the difficulty of his boss battle, as he has several mini-bosses before him, and he has a dice system that can either be advantageous or harmful to the player depending on the number the players rolls.[2] Additionally, players connected with the character in different ways. For example, a sexual piece of fan fiction was uploaded to archiveofourown[3] by user titanhasaplan on October 10th, 2017. The character has also appeared in various jokes. For example, on October 9th, Twitter user @Just_Sadia[4] uploaded a King Dice Roll Safe parody referencing game journalist's infamous difficulty with the game, gaining over 14,000 retweets (shown below). A piece of fan art posted the same day by Tumblr user Wonderweird has the character make a sexual pun gained over 8,000 notes (shown below, left).

Sadia @Just_Sadia You can't get bad reviews if game journos can't get past the tutorial. 10/6/17, O9:17 I wish I had a cute gal' to blow on dice For good luck Ow Feel lucky when I get blown by a cute ga

Fan Art

King Dice is a popular subject of fan art for the game, with hundreds of examples posted to DeviantArt [5] and Tumblr[6] (examples shown below).


Various Examples

"Stop right there, criminal scum!" "Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence, Your stolen goods are now forfeit!" It feels like somebody... wants to bet my soul on something!!! I told you he was onto us CHECKLIST WORLD WORLD2 WORLD 3 FINALE GRADE Cagney Carnation ....D 1:19 MDHR. INC.List CO CHECKLIST WORLD 1 WORLD2 WORLD3 FINALE SOUL cONTRACT TIME The Root Pack Goopy Le Grande S 1:20 Forest Follies P 0:49 Treetop Trouble ©(930 MDHR. INC.. Liat

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