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Carl the Hedgehog

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Added 5 years ago by Philipp • Updated 24 days ago by Y F

Carl the Hedgehog
Carl the Hedgehog


Carl the Hedgehog refers to an exploitable image of a hedgehog named Carl paired with the text explaining that the image will only be posted once. The image spawned a series of derivative posts featuring Carl coming back for various reasons and updates on his further life.


On October 1st, 2014, Pixabay[1] user amayaeguizabal uploaded several photographs of a hedgehog sitting on a porch.

high res picture of a small cute hedgehog picture of a small cute hedgehog looking at the camera

On February 28th, 2019, Redditor[14] Lawvamat posted a cropped image of the hedgehog to me_irl subreddit, writing what the hedgehog's name was Carl and that he would only be posted once, and urging other Redditors to say hi. The post followed the trope of It Is Wednesday, My Dudes and Reginald posts and gained over 48,800 upvotes in one week.

image of a cute hedgehog and text saying his name is carl and that he will only be posted once


On March 1st, the image was reposted by popular Instagram meme account i_have_no_memes96_v2 (326,000 likes gained in one week),[2] along with several other notable pages.[3][4]

In the following week, multiple posts about Carl were posted on /r/me_irl[5] subreddit and on Instagram[6], with many notable versions made by Instagram user dinopox (examples shown below).[7]

Carl the hedgehog in a hat misses his flight Carl the hedgehog in a helmet and gun joins the army original post about Carl not coming back and the Press X To Doubt meme

Carl the Hedgehog Travelling Chain

On April 24th, 2019, an unknown Redditor posted an image of Carl the Hedgehhog captioned "this is Carl. he is travelling from all subreddits" to /r/memes subreddit. The image urged other users to repost it in other Reddit communities while tagging the picture with the subreddit names. In the following hours, the image was reposted to /r/teenagers,[8] /r/PewdiepieSubmissions,[9] /r/TrebuchetMemes[10] and other subreddits, with many posts, including the first one, later removed due to violating subreddit rules.

this is Carl. he is traveling from all subreddits ut the subreddit name he passed by here: r/memes RTEENAGERS r/tumblr r/aww r/hydrohomies PIdankwemes r/rarepuppers r/pewdiepiesubmissions rScottTheWoz r/garlicbreadmemes this is Carl. he is traveling from all subreddits put the subreddit name he passed by here: r/memes RTEENAGERS r/PewdiepieSubmissions r/Pyrocinical r/apandah r/comedyheaven rme_irl r/polska r/Shrek Ridankmemes r/kanye rlapexlegends This is Carl he's traveling Reddit He comes from r/CarlTravelsReddit So far he's been to: r/BigChungusReligion He heard you like garlic bread so he brought this

On several subreddits, posts expressing annoyance with the chain were made, including notable posts on /r/okbuddyretard,[11] /r/ShitPostCrusaders[12] and /r/coaxedintoasnafu[13] subreddits (shown below).

this Carl, he is trav ling from subre dits all ssed by here /u/aww put the subreddit m rmemes r/hydro r/okbuddyretard carl is not traveling anymore as he was brutally shot to death by police when crossing the border of israel this is Carl. he is traveling from all subreddits Shut up! You're damn annoying! THIS IS CARL HE IS GOING TO ALL THE SUBREDDITS OR SOMETHING IDK JUST UPVOTE THE F------ PORCOPINE OR HEDGEHOG OR WHATEVER THE F--- IT IS HE HAS BRIEFCASE AND HAT PUT SUBREDDIT NAME SO THIS SORT OF BECOMES OC MAGICALLY I HATEMYSELF /rlcoaxedintoashnagfu ok bye

Various Examples

Carl forgot his wallet and came back to get it. You can still quickly say hi Carl if vou missed him earlier. This is Carl Carl made you breakfast!! say ty to Carl Carl is speaking inthe United Nations on world peace! Praisecoochie Go Carl!
Carl has decided to stay, do not scroll past without out saying thank you Carl Carl got sad cause not enough people said hi, now he's gone for good Tell Carl you're sorry This isn't Carl Run

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