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Catalina la Catrina

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Catarina la Catrina is a character made by Mexican company Canal 5 to celebrate the upcoming "Día de Los Muertos" (Day of the Dead in English). The character was intended to engage younger people with Día de Los Muertos. After Canal 5 ran a campaign to let Twitter artists submit redesigns of her for the 2020 holiday, the campaign was raided with NSFW artwork of the character.


In 2018, Canal 5 (a well-known, free-to-air television network located in Mexico) introduced "Llamale a Catalina la Catrina" to commemorate The Day of the Dead with younger audiences. In the initial iteration of the character, people could talk to her on a YouTube live stream and help her put together her ofrenda (an arrangement of offerings to the deceased that is always given the 1st-2nd of November).[2]

Catarina: What am I going to do? My boss entrusted me to arrange the mega-ofrenda of the underworld and guess what? I forgot it! I completely forgot what it needs to have. Could you help me? I need you to call this October 29 & 30th so that we can decide together what can we put on it. Without your help we won't manage to do it! Remember that the Día de los Muertos is a very important date here in Mexico, so it's important to continue with this tradition. You can't possibly miss it, here on the Cinco (Five), kisses from the underworld!


Ahead of the 2020 stream, Mexican animator Richi Gaspar reanimated the character so that she had more fluid movement and full animation (shown below).[3]

"Boys and girls, good afternoon.
Come here, come now because I'm here to tell you
a story, about a beautiful Catrina called Catalina."

After the reintroduction of the character, Canal 5 announced on Twitter that they were inviting children to draw the Catalina and share their work on the platform with the hashtag #CatalinaLaCatrina. Their intention was that the best drawings would appear during the character's 2020 stream.[4]

5 Canal 5 O @MiCanal5 Utiliza tu creatividad, dibuja a #CatalinaLaCatrina y compártela en redes sociales ¿Estás listo para poner la ofrenda del Día de Muertos con ella? CATALINA LA CATRINA dibujo de efla y los compartas con el #CatalinalaCatrina Te invita a que hagas un iPodrás verlo en televisión!

Initially, various artists on Twitter joined the hashtag and published fan art of the character (examples shown below).[5]


However, shortly after the hashtag began to spread, it was raided with a flood of erotic and lewd fan art, causing the contest to trend in the wider art community on Twitter. Seeing their contest being raided, Canal 5 deleted their tweet promoting the contest and cancelled it entirely. [6]

After the incident

The channel remained silent until October 27, where it embraced the "waifu" status of their character and kept publishing on their facebook page various articles[7] such as fanart appreciation posts[8], a recap of her story[2] and make-up tutorials.[9]

Canal 5 O 42 min • O Bueno, para recuperar su sonrisa i CANAL 5 Los mejores fan arts de Catalina la Catrina para proteger su sonrisa BIEN HECHO PUERCO 5 Canal 5 37 min Disfrázate en familia y comparte tu foto con #OctubreDelnframundo podría salir en pantalla! iTu foto Catalina la Catrina disfracen Te invita que en familia se de ella y compartan sus fotos con el #OctubreDeInframundo İAlgunos saldrán durante Su transmisióh! Este viernes a partir de la 1pm 00 CATALINA LA CATRINA Ah mierda. Aquí vamos otra vez. 米

That same day Canal 5 released the full song of Catalina la Catrina on their youtube channel, showing more of her world and lore with more animations and sceneries, promoting her appearance on their channel the day October 30 at 1pm.

Various Examples

en verdad son rapidos 167 dibujos rule 34, ni a susana le hicieron tantos. esa soy yo, como es que hicieron esto tan rapido mr canal 5? i¿POR QUé НАУ TANTO P----?! LLEGÓ EL MOMENTO DE VER LOS PRECIOSOS DIBUJOS DE LA HERMOSA COMUNIDAD DE TWITTER ASESINO1514 Canal 5 tras ver que su concurso de dibujo de Catalina La Catrina solo atrajo a artistas NSFW Mira como masacrarón a mi muchacha 5 Canal 5 O @MiCanal5 Utiliza tu creatividad, dibuja a #CatalinaLaCatrina y compártela en redes sociales ¿Estás listo para poner la ofrenda del Día de Muertos con ella? CATALINA Te invita a que hagas un dibujo de ella y los compartas con ef #CatalinalaCatrina iPodrás verlo en televisión! CANAL 5 00 FOR SALE como te decía, en Twitter hay mucha gente y este concurso es muy bueno para la creatividad, es más, que es lo peor que podría pasar? FOR SALE GATALINA LA CATRINA Te invita a que hagas un dibujo de ella y los compartas con ef #CatalinalaCatrina iPodrás verloe en televisión! NES HAN 6RANDE LLENA DE CARNEV *CANAL 5* RumpeltinzkV, esto no era parte del trato

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