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Centurii-chan is the name of an online artist, most know for their images representing historical characters as rule 63 versions of themselves. This means that these historical figures will be genderswapped, a not unfamiliar concept within fan art and online culture. Though it can sometimes dip into hornyposting, rule 63 artwork is not explicit by default.


Although each piece is usually independent, there are a few named frequent characters that the author uses:

  • Centurii – named after the Centuria unit, this character is the most frequent one they use.

    CENTURII CHARACTER SHEET its a headband circular eye shape I dont have a consistent style the cape is there so I dont have to draw more details no armor just tunic gladius is optional

  • Velites – named after the infantry class.

    VELITES AMB Just light Hmpt! go away! scout aheod

  • Legate and Praetorian – named after the Legatus, a high-ranking officer in the army, and Praetorian Guard respectively as shown in the image below. The artist often draws the pair together.

    So insteod of evacusting the You took a bribe emperor. from the consul. beat /assossinated her, and then took her wallet to buy Purple dyes. Tl hove you know Dyes are expensive

  • Evocatus – named after the roman soldiers who returned to duty after serving their time. It is to be noted that the character may be shown without her eye scar.

  • Executioner and Flareze – a pair of maids, the former (brunette) an original character from Centurii, the later (blonde) an original character from twitter artist @Porforever NSFW. The pair is often together, and usually in a situation with romantic undertones.

  • Hoplite – named after the greek citizen-soldiers.


  • Oracle – named after her occupation, she is usually drawn with Greek characters.

    how Socrificial chicken are you? youre right im sorry I should keep quiet welcome home chosen Undead may fortune guide you body Gwarcd hoplite Orocle it's solonley

Online Presence

Their earliest known appearance is on their Facebook page, with the subsequent post[1] being their first one consisting of several images (shown below).

The 18º of May of 2018, Centurii created their YouTube chanel, and the same day uploaded their first video, this being a parody of the MitchiriNeko March, with her own characters marching to the music, and as Centurii puts it in the description: “With somewhat proper formations.”

Centurii-chan collaborated with Brazilian YouTuber Dovahhatty on his Mad Emperors video,[2] which often featured Centurii and other characters appearing in the background or among historical figures. On November 19th, 2020, Centurii-chan posted a fan art depicting their collaboration on Twitter[3] (shown below). The post recieved more than 1, 600 likes and 140 retweets in 9 months.

having to describe A romon Defeat in detail drawing them f------

Four years after starting, Centurii-chan began doing comics that are not exclusively about historical figures, and regularly employs meme culture in their art. An example is their post[4] on August 3rd, 2021, which received 3,700 likes in one day (shown below). The post makes note of how the 2020 Tokyo Olympic had the gold medalist of the air pistol category using an unorthodox shooting stance to win the competition.

Centurii-chan Yesterday at 8:54 AM what I think of the whole shooting controversy BANG!! what the. you cant shoot like that. and look SO CUTEI 3.6K 220 Comments 1.5K Shares

Various Examples

Your order ma'am ! Just brewed coffee please Cream and sugar? Cream and Salt. Uh.. Creem and SALT please The church will dedde your unairrage maiv This Is my OC do not steal. he Shes a tilen killer.godof gods. super coul lightming Powers, and f---- her sister name is ZEUS "OC"you Say
gour bo y So go canpadech me, ight? So Igot assigned your bodyguard todag So goo can prdeet me right3 as Me. you'egoing to prodeat meo côght? MY ASS IS A TOOL- not this s--- agoin. OF JUSTICE

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