Cats Can Have a Little Salami

Cats Can Have a Little Salami

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Cats Can Have a Little Salami is an image macro series with captions indicating that it is safe to feed cats small amounts of salami as a snack. The images derives from a 2017 Google result for "can cats eat salami" and evolved into a wholesome phrase which rose to popularity in November 2019.


On July 6th, 2017, an article titled "Can My Cat Eat Salami?" was published on the website MeatMenStore.[1] On February 28th, 2019, Redditor Marcushelbing posted a screenshot of the article's Google search result to r/meow_irl[3] (show below).

Cats Can Have Little a Salami.... Surprisingly, cats are much better than other household pets when it comes to the heavy sodium and fat content of the cured sausage. Your cat should be just fine with a couple pieces of salami as a treat. Jul 6, 2017


On April 30th, 2019, Redditor HeftyDMV posted a Tumblr interaction in which a cat is shown typing the question "can cats have a little salami?" to r/me_irl[4] (shown below, left). The post received 40 points (94% upvoted) in six months. On November 11th, Redditor heheokaydude reposted the original MeatMenStore Google result again to r/blessedimages[5] and accumulated over 1,100 points (99% upvoted) in six days. On November 13th, Twitter user @twitersgoodboy[6] captions a Sopranos image "Cats can have a little salami" (shown below, right). The tweet gained over 24,900 likes and 3,500 retweets in five days.

sunflowers Is Salami OK for cats? Cats Can Have Little a Salami... betterclarith TGB @twitersgoodboy "Cats can have a little salami." 2:27 PM Nov 13, 2019 Twitter for Android

On November 15th, 2019, several image macros referencing cats eating salami were uploaded to Imgur (shown below).

bodybuilder using a laptop to answer query about cats and a little salami epstein didn't kill himself meme but it's about cats having a little salami giant salami having a little cats

That day, Redditor PutFartsInMyJars submitted a post asking about the memes to /r/OutOfTheLoop.[2] The next day, Cheezburger[7] published a list of notable Cats Can Have a Little Salami memes.

Various Examples

our cats making memes about cats eating salami so that we're more inclined to give our cats salami tdt colors hor Color Colors @queerhotsauce my cat explaining my stoned ass that she can have sitting down with a little salami some antipast 100% dafs can haye a Title salami my cat explaining that she can have my stoned ass sitting down with some antipasti little salami ahauntedtiolie bröther i should be fine with just a couple pieces of salämi as a treat

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