Cry Moar

Cry Moar

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"Cry some more" and it's variants such as "QQ moar" and "Cry moar" are internet slang terms that are very popular in online multiplayer games. They are used when someone in the game is whining excessively about something to the point that it is annoying other players.


Less QQ Moar Pew Pew IC: A N H AS CH E E ZE UR GER.COM ' ミッ

The term "cry moar" and it's variations means different things depending on the context it's used in.

It can indicate that:

  • No one cares and that the person whining should shut up
  • The person is whining about something stupid and should just get over it
  • The whining person's suffering is enjoyable and they should continue to whine for everyone's amusement
    (see Trolling)
  • The player's misfortune itself is very funny and enjoyable
  • A player finds their own misfortune to be sad or sad in a funny/ironic way

"n00b/nub" and other similar insults are often additionally added to indicate that the whining player is experiencing problems because they are unskilled and/or stupid.

Due to it's popularity in gaming, the phrase is used in a lot of macro images. One version that's often seen in LOLcat macros is "Less QQ, Moar Pew Pew", which means that the player should whine less and play more.


According to Encyclopedia Dramatica, "cry moar" originated from the blogging website, Livejournal. It was used to taunt people who were being mocked over unpopular/dumb ideas in various roleplaying communities.[1]

The term "QQ" came from the game Warcraft II. The command to leave the game was Alt + QQ, so the term "QQ" was originally used to tell people that they were unskilled at the game and should quit.[2]

Over time, it started to be associated with crying because many people thought that "QQ" looked like a pair of crying eyes.

Another interpretation is that "QQ" sounds like a pun on the Japanese word for ambulance (救急車, "kyukyusha"). Though, considering it's origin from Warcraft II, there is also a strong possibility that it came from the Korean word for ambulance which sounds very similar (구급차, "gyu geup cha").

This might be an explanation for QQ's association with the word Whambulance- a term that indicates that the player is butthurt and that their butthurt is either funny and/or something minor that they are overreacting to.


The phrase is used in a lot of online games and is a very popular slang term. It's to the point where many game creators are also aware of this slang. One example of such is the "Meet the Heavy" trailer for the game Team Fortress 2 , which gives a nod to this phrase.

QQ was also covered in an NBC new clip about Internet Slang usage on WoW.[3] Though the video in the Escapist article was taken down due to copyright claim, you can view a re-upload here.

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"is a frequentyl used term in internet slang"
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