Daisaku Kuze

Daisaku Kuze

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Daisaku Kuze is one of the primary antagonists in the 2015 video game Yakuza 0. A member of the Tojo Clan and one of three lieutenants of the Dojima Family, Kuze fights protagonist Kazuma Kiryu a total of five times through the series. The character has been a popular subject of memes and references within the Yakuza fandom.


On March 12th, 2015, the action-adventure video game Yakuza 0 was released[1] by SEGA. In the game, antagonist Daisuke Kuze, voiced by and modeled after actor Hitoshi Ozawa, is introduced. Throughout the game, Kuze, who is one of three lieutenants of the Dojima Family, repeatedly fights protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, with the player facing off Kuze a total of five times (first and second encounters shown below, left and right).[2]

The character is also set to appear in "Like a Dragon: Ishin!", a 2023 remake spin-off game in Like a Dragon (formerly Yakuza) series.


Prior to 2019, the character saw limited popularity in memes with the Like a Dragon fandom. For example, on September 4th, 2017, Redditor[3] Juball posted a How Many Times Do We Have to Teach You This Lesson, Old Man? meme about the character that received over 190 upvotes in the /r/yakuzagames subreddit in five years (shown below, left).

The popularity of the character increased together with the mainstream popularity of Yakuza 0 and other Like a Dragon games in the late 2010s and early 2020s. For example, on December 7th, 2019, Redditor[4] Curtisboy posted a Surprised Pikachu meme that received over 920 upvotes in in three years (shown below, center).
On September 5th, 2020, Redditor[5] Runefreya857 posted a meme that received over 6,000 upvotes in /r/yakuzagames two years (shown below, right).

How many time do we have to teach you this lesson old man? se Kuze: "What the f--- are you doing? He outranks you" Kiryu: I'm a civilian now. You just said so yourself." Kuze: H 5825 HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TEACH YOU THIS LESSON OLD MAN のぞき

Kuryu Punches Kuze

Kuryu Punches Kuze refers to a Yakuza 0 cutscene from the fourth fight between Kuze and protagonist Kazuma Kiryu in which Kiryu punches Kuze in the face. The scene has been used as source material for GIF caption memes (examples shown below).

"AHHHH KUZE WATCH OUT FOR THE BROWN RECLUSE SPIDER ON YOUR CHEEK" KUZE!!! por CO "Yeah I disagree with your opi-" 367 Cry about it

"Pledge of Demon"

"Pledge of Demon" is an instrumental rock song from the Yakuza 0 soundtrack which, along with "Oath of Enma", is one of two boss themes for Daisuke Kuze. Online, "Pledge of Demon" has been used in various Yakuza memes (example shown below).

Kuze Is a Trans Ally

On September 14th, 2022, Twitter[6] user @GaroyGyuru tweeted that during the RGG Summit 2022 event they discovered that actor Hitoshi Ozawa, who voices Kuze in Yakuza 0 and whom the character is modeled after, became a trans ally after receiving oral sex from a transgender. The tweet (shown below, left) gained over 6,900 retweets and 35,000 likes in one week. The post was followed by a spike of posts about the character on Twitter (examples shown below, center and right).

GYARU EN Vtuber @GarouGyaru What kind of crazy timeline is this where on the RGG Summit stream I discovered one of the main Yakuza actors is a trans ally because a transgirl gave him amazing head once 8:23 AM - Sep 14, 2022 Twitter Web App ... ☆Not that Emily @gyarugarou Found out from the RGG Yakuza stream that the actor for Kuze, Hitoshi Ozama, has a youtube channel and the first vid I see is him with a gyaru model talking about how he fell in love with a transgirl Kuze is an ally, and his story about it in the vid is *wild* #小沢仁志 #葉山潤奈 #サウナ 【禁断】 「今、恋はしてますか?」 「ニューハーフに惚れて…..」 小沢仁志が“恋愛”を語る! 52,550 views Sep 4, 2022 645 DISLIKE SHARE $ THANKS 1:18 PM . Sep 14, 2022. Twitter Web App CLIP : + SAVE *** the pride avengers МАЛА FULBOL OKABANBANG

Various Examples

UT boo YAKUZE (0) BERO TM 1544 -ANA Kuze on his way to get his f----- ass kicked for the 505th time. (He thinks he'll win even though there's a motorcycle nearby) Un 10 FriendFox DOJIMA FAMILY LIEUTENANT, TOJO CLAN DAISAKU KUZE
Kiryu: *exists* Kuze: Now DIE, you little s---! Canti.EXE @space_canti S--- man idk about that Danielle McRae @Danielle McVO Jul 3, 2020 Voice Actors are NOT their characters. 12:32 PM. Jul 5, 2020 Twitter for Android ... BUS STOP NOW DIE, YOU LITTLE S--- 23 How many times do I have to teach you this lesson, old man?


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