Destroy Dick December / DDD meaning.

Destroy Dick December / DDD

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Destroy Dick December, or DDD for short, is a proposed challenge in which a male masturbates once on December 1st, twice on December 2nd, and so on until they masturbate 31 times on December 31st. The concept began going viral in November of 2017, and as of November 15th, 2017, it has not been attempted.


On November 10th, 2017, Instagram user @rapper2k posted the first known mention of the challenge in a post that gained over 7,500 likes.[1]

Image macro telling you to forget no nut november and embrace destroy dick december


On November 12th, Instagram user losst8[2] posted a screenshot of the rules of the challenge, outlining that one would masturbate once on December 1st, twice on December 2nd, and so forth (shown below).

Instagram user Losst8 posts a screen shot of the rules of the challenge

On November 13th, 2017, /r/teenagers poster Redditor Finchonfire[3] posted an image of a text conversation outlining the challenge. The post gained over 16,900 upvotes (shown below).The image was posted the following day to /r/dankmemes,[4] where it gained nearly 14,000 points. A thread devoted to the challenge appeared on Gamefaqs[5] on November 14th as well. A screenshot outlining the rules appeared on Funnyjunk[6] and gained over 400 likes (shown below). The Daily Dot[7] covered the challenge on November 15th.

Redditor Finchonfire posts the rules of destroy dick December

Various Examples

Meme about not to be disappointed if you failed on No Nut November, as now we have destroy dick december coming up Picture of a man about to beat little kid with a hammer jokingly made into a meme about destroy dick December Image macro meme of Destroy Dick December and the difficulty of the last day Hit the button meme about Destroy Dick December Calendar explaining the 496 nuts it takes to complete destroy Dick December Meme of a penis in a cast with the rules of Destroy Dick December spelled out

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Oppressed Duck
Oppressed Duck

According to his autobiography, Chuck Negron, singer for Three Dog Night, was having so much tour sex with groupies that his penis became chapped and swollen.

He saw a doctor for advice. "In my ignorance I thought, 'Wow! It's just like working out a muscle. It's going to be huge!'"

The doctor, however, was appalled. He made the singer promise to quit immediately, cold turkey.

A week later the singer spotted a beauty queen backstage, "a Miss-Something-or-Other" who was ignoring the advances of his bandmates. Back in Negron's room, one thing quickly led to another.

Shortly after which, he found himself holding his bleeding instrument, "split open like a hot dog," in an emergency room in Oklahoma.

Split open like a hot dog. Let the festivities begin!


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