Do You Like Me Now?

Do You Like Me Now?

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Do You Like Me Now? is a viral video starring a teenage girl named Alex, who parodies Jersey Shore types by wearing excessive makeup and talking about tanning, dancing and alcohol consumption. It has been the subject of image and video derivatives often accompanied by catchphrases from the video.


On June 28th, 2011, a girl named Alex posted a video of herself on her "My Fancy Sauce" Tumblr[1] page. The video featured a brief monologue explaining that she is about to perform what she thinks will attract the opposite sex like "being dumb and a slut". She proceeds to cover her face in a thick coat of bronzer, lipstick, and dumps water on her head while dancing around saying "do you like me now?", "What's 2 plus 2? Gonorrhea", "Myspace Pic" and "I'm a good time cause I like to drink."


Total views: 725,264 800K OH 600k 400k 200k 06/28/11 07/05/11 Ratings: 8044 Likes: 7298 Dislikes: 746 Comments: 7,185 Favorites: 4.998 Significant discovery events Date Event Views 28,516 8,706 24,616 10,049 66,416 26,321 10,612 70,526 35,137 A 07/09/11First embedded on- B 07/08/11 C 07107/11 First embedded on - D 07/07/1 First referral from related video - Vlog 12: Do you like me now? First embedded on - G 06/30/11 06/29/11 06/29/11 First referral from - First embedded on - First referral from YouTube - &autoplay=1 First view from a mobile device First referral from H

The video was ripped and uploaded to YouTube[2] by user oXAshleyAddictionXo on June 29th, 2011. On July 7th, 2011, the video was submitted to Reddit[3] in a post titled "Girls gone nuts for not having a boyfriend", and received 3,160 up votes. The next day, it was posted to The Daily What[4] and BuzzFeed.[5] A Facebook[6] page titled "That awkward moment when 2+2= gonorrhea" was created on July 10th, 2011.

The original Tumblr post has received 14,775 notes, and the YouTube upload has 701,469 views as of July 11th, 2011.


On July 11, 2011 Alex posted an explaination on her Tumblr[7], admitting that she was just trolling.

"Guys thanks for making the video a hit I alot of followers now 4 digits in fact lol oh and to clear up a few things it was a troll I wasn’t serious and I’m not retarded lol and yes 2+2 does equal gonnahrea and thanks to whoever Put it on YouTube thanks thanks thanks oh and Sophia bitch I know you went on mu tumblr without me knowing lol"


Do You Like Mr. Charlie Now? by Mister Charlie

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