Dr. T 'Boom Beach' / I Hope No One Looks At My Plans While I'm Sleeping meme

Dr. T's "I Hope No One Looks at My Plans While I'm Sleeping"

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"I Hope No One Looks at My Plans While I'm Sleeping" is a quote uttered by Dr. T from the 2013 mobile game Boom Beach, who serves as one of the game's antagonists and is a frequent element in the game's marketing. His character and appearance are that of the "mad scientist" archetype. In December 2018, video memes of Dr. T's commercials have appeared on sites such as YouTube and Twitter, usually by adding or replacing sound effects and music. The most common of these types of edits include the catchphrase "I hope no one looks at my plans while I'm sleeping."


The original commercial referenced in the meme for Boom Beach was uploaded to its YouTube[1] channel on December 30th, 2015, featuring Dr. T setting a folder on his desk and saying "I hope no one looks at my plans while I'm sleeping." A few seconds after "sleeping," a second Dr. T rises out of the folder and taunts the viewer. This clip is used as the basis for the meme and has received over 275,000 views, 11,000 likes and 774 comments in roughly five years (seen below).

One of the earliest examples of the meme is an edit that turns the latter half of the video into an ear rape version of the original, uploaded by YouTuber[2] LithiumCactus on December 5, 2018, receiving over 65,000 views, 3,100 likes and 55 comments in roughly two years (shown below). A Beanos version of the meme uploaded by Instagram[6] user pr6xe on July 21st, 2019, gained over 27,200 views and 5,600 likes.


Though other edits of Dr. T's commercials have been made over the years, the meme was largely popularized in late summer 2020. On September 24th, 2020, YouTuber[3] The Moist One uploaded an edit using "Gru vs. Vector" from the Despicable Me soundtrack, in reference to the appearance of Dr. T resembling Gru's henchman Dr. Nefario. This particular edit has amassed 1 million views in roughly two months (seen below, left). The next day, YouTuber[4] NightlyFlare uploaded another example of the meme to their channel, receiving over 109,000 views, 5,200 likes and 219 comments in nearly two months (seen below, right).

The first Boom Beach ad featuring Dr. T was released on the game's YouTube[5] channel on February 3rd, 2016, under the title "Where is Dr. T" (shown below). Since it was uploaded, the video received over 5.8 million views, 50,000 likes and 3,700 comments in nearly five years. In the comment section, several of the most liked replies reference the meme, such as YouTuber MemeyBoi who said, "What a nice looking man, I hope no one looks at his plans while he's sleeping," receiving over 4,200 likes.

I'm So Excited About My Super Weapon That Will Take Over Boom Beach, That I Wrote A Song About It

In a similar vein to the I Hope No One Looks at My Plans While I'm Sleeping meme, another commercial featuring Dr. T has also seen edits. The commercial snippet (shown below, left) features Dr. T playing an organ while bragging about his new superweapon. The earliest evidence of this sub-meme comes from September 26th, 2020, where the song Dr. T plays is replaced by "Sicko Mode" in an edit by user Yubi ?!?! (shown below, right).

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