Morgan Spurlock Death.

Morgan Spurlock’s Death

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Morgan Spurlock’s Death refers to the passing of American documentary filmmaker, writer and producer Morgan Spurlock, aged 53 at the time of his death, in late May 2024 due to complications of cancer. The filmmaker was best known for capturing his own psychological and physical symptoms from eating McDonald’s every day for a month in the Oscar-nominated 2004 documentary Super Size Me. His death sparked a debate about the filmmaker's legacy and ironic memes about McDonald's reaction to the news.


On May 24th, 2024, Variety[1] reported that Morgan Spurlock, director of the Oscar-nominated 2004 feature Super Size Me, died in upstate New York due to complications of cancer. He was 53 at the time. The news was quickly spread online, such as the X[2] page @Dexerto that posted about the filmmakers' death that same day (shown below), which amassed more than 44,000 likes and 4,200 reposts in a few hours.

X Dexerto @Dexerto Follow 'Super Size Me' creator Morgan Spurlock has died at age 53 after a battle with cancer "Funny and outrageo "Two thumbs up!" Ebert & Roper SUPER SIZE. ME A Film of Epic Portions 11:34 AM - May 24, 2024 AN ESS

Online Reactions

Coincidentally a week before Spurlock's death, his Super Size Me documentary became a viral topic on X after user @LAPUTAPANCHIKO[3] tweeted a critique about the film, saying, "This movie was so stupid I rewatched it and the premise of it is stupid." The post (shown below, left) amassed more than 20 million views and 23,000 likes since posted on May 18th, 2024.

The coincidence became the subject of jokes on X amid word of his death spreading. For example, X user @puffin_captain's[4] tweet on May 24th, using the Gets Criticized Once, Fucking Dies meme to comment on Spurlock's death (shown below, right), garnered roughly 220 likes and 40 reposts in a few hours.

porgie @LAPUTAPANCHIKO. Follow X this movie was so stupid i rewatched it and the premise of it is f------ stupid guy eats unhealthy food for a month and talks about how it makes you unhealthy NO S--- DUDE I'm Lovin' it!" Peter Travers, Rolling Stone "Funny and outrageous!" Owen Globerman Entertainment Weekly "Two thumbs up!" Ebert & Rooper SUPER SIZE. 8:35 PM - May 18, 2024 CaptainPuffin @puffin_captain · Follow X This is how the timing of Morgan Spurlock's death sounds to me: Anonymous >gets criticized once >f------ dies 12:21 PM May 24, 2024 05/30/21(Sun)13:45:11 No.123440443 gh.jpg 13 KB JPG

TikTokers also mentioned the filmmaker's death as it continued to garner virality, like TikToker @yourfinestpardon,[5] who posted a video about the Super Size Me documentary on May 24th (seen below, left), amassing more than 11,000 plays and 540 likes in a few hours.

On May 25th, 2024, TikToker[6] @venusingatorade92 posted a video (seen below, right) commenting on the coincidence of Spurlock dying in the same week his movie resurfaced as a viral topic on the internet. The post received roughly 400 plays and 40 likes in a few hours.

@yourfinestpardon What do yall think? #supersizeme #morganspurlock #popculturenews #popculture #documentary #controversy ♬ original sound – yourfinestpardon

@venusingatorade92 rip but OH! #supersizeme #morganspurlock ♬ original sound – Funny Sound Effects

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in reply to popcornfest

He falsified all of his research results, and straight up lied in multiple documentaries.

McDonald's isn't really "unhealthy". Overating is. People can and have done competing research that shows you can eat healthily and even lose weight entirely on a McDonald's diet.

He's just a dishonest pseudo-intellectual. And apparently a sex offender.


in reply to popcornfest

There's several posts in the gallery mentioning it but no, the problem is he was a gigantic liar with garbage methodology.

He didn't keep any record of what he ate, didn't eat the 5000 calories per day he was claiming (and even if he had, no shit eating 5000 calories a day is unhealthy). He was quite into exercise before the documentary started and deliberately stopped during.
Oh and he was also a raging alcoholic (per himself), and at the time claimed the fast food was what caused him to have liver damage.


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